Red and Pink and Lovely | September 03, 2009

Red & Pink & Lovely

Red and pink lovelies for your inspiration...

TOP:  Beautiful Maraschino cherries and beautiful composition-  Prop Styling by Alessandro Mortola

MIDDLE: A perfect 'Sugar Rose'- Styling by Deb Mclean

BOTTOM: Vintage bathing beauties from Vogue January 1963  on My Vintage Vogue via Pink Lemonade

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DIY Ice-Cream Parlour "Make your own Sundaes" Buffet Concept for a Wedding or Party | September 01, 2009


DIY Ice-Cream Parlour "Make your own Sundaes" Buffet

DIY Ice-Cream Parlour "Make your own Sundaes" Buffet

I am lactose intolerant. This probably explains my unhealthy obsession with ice-cream. My favourite dessert is nothing fancier or more sophisticated than a simple Ice-cream Sundae. Nothing satisfies my sweet palate more than vanilla ice-cream with hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, crushed nuts, caramelised banana, wafer biscuit and the all-important cherry on top!

Despite evidence to the contrary (what is with this crazy Melbourne weather?!), warmer months are just around the corner down here in Oz and I've got ice-cream on the brain! So I came up with a design concept for an old-fashioned Ice-cream Parlour "Make your own Sundaes" buffet with all the accoutrements. Read on for more pics, ideas and freebies to help you with your own ice-cream parlour buffet for your party, kids party or even wedding.

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DIY Persian Cotton Candy Wedding or Party Favours | August 14, 2009

DIY Persian Cotton Candy Wedding or Party Favours

Persian Cotton Candy (or Fairy Floss) also known as "Pashmak" would make an exotic gourmet favour for guests at your wedding or party. Available in various soft hues and flavours including Rose, Pistachio, and Vanilla, Pashmak resembles soft wisps of hair and looks really fab inside these transluscent paper envelopes. Read more for instructions and to download your free envelope template and assorted coloured labels.

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Heart-shaped Desserts | August 03, 2009

heart shaped desserts

Heart shaped desserts from Yoshiko314 (top) and Rebecca Tabor Armstrong (bottom) on Flickr.

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Melrose and Morgan | July 28, 2009

Melrose and Morgan

Currently swooning over these images of perfect pastries at Melrose and Morgan.

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Tower of Macaroons | July 22, 2009

Delicious Memory by Sweet Arrogance

Doesn't this delicious shot of Laduree in London by Sweet Arrogance make you wish you were there? I'll take that tower of macaroons to go, thanks :)

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Stylish Japanese Food | July 14, 2009

Banana Granola

I seem to have developed a fascination with all things Japanese ever since stumbling, recently, upon a Japanese Food Mart nearby and foraging through all their treasures so when I discovered ii-ne-kore - an awesome blog about Japanese design-  I was thrilled! One post in particular grabbed my attention- the stunning food photography in this flickr stream by Bananagranola. Gotta love the Japanese food aesthetic.

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Xocoa Chocolate | July 06, 2009


Wouldn't these bonbonera chocolates from xocoa make an elegant offering for guests when they drop by, be a great little gift, or be beautiful as part of a dessert buffet for your party?

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