Glacier Ball | September 11, 2013

Isn't this awesome? A silicone mould that creates a 2.5" slow-melting ice ball. So elegant! You can also create them in different colours to accompany your various drinks. Comes in a pack of 2. Grab it here!

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Party Mix... | September 10, 2013

This pastel-toned Party Mix came about when I stumbled upon Kelly Wearstler's bar accessories. Yes, they are a tad pricey...  but they are gorgeous! Particularly her Rose Quartz Wine Stopper and Bejewelled Brass Bottle Opener. Ooer! Would some one like to buy these for me? 

Also, have you seen Jonathan Adler's latest fall collection? Worth a peek.

confetti | chair | cupcake liners | coaster | boxes | glitter hearts | lolly bag | stopper | bottle opener

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Party Mix... | August 16, 2013

I don't know about you but I'm not a huge fan of occasions overflowing with too much elegance and formality. My ideal party consists of mixing sophisticated elements with a whole lot of colour and whimsy... 

brass trivet | DIY surprise ball | tea glass | sparklers | DIY escort card | trolley bar | cocktail stirrers | decanters | crystal sticks

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Party Mix... | August 14, 2013

You've probably already deduced that my inspiration for this Party Mix is The Great Gatsby. I only just saw the movie recently and so my thoughts are flush with lavish and decadent soirees dripping with gilded decor, art deco motifs and free flowing confetti and cocktails...

balloon | card | pinata | tag | dress | cushion | stopper | champagne bucket | book | iphone | table

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Colour and Sparkle | July 31, 2013

Here's a mid-week dose of colour and sparkle for you. Festive items that will brighten up your homes, your parties and your pretty selves! 

one | two | three

four | five | six | seven | eight

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Time for a Tea Party? | July 29, 2013

I'm a huge fan of T2! I regularly visit their stores to check out their latest teawares and have a taste of their latest brews. More often than not, I will end up leaving with a pretty souvenir, from the experience, to add to my ever-expanding teaware collection. It's very hard to resist :)

At the moment, I'm loving their new jumbo colour block 'jumbled' cups and saucers!

I'm also loving the intricate geometric patterns in their bright and colourful Casbah collection. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a modern Moroccan-inspired tea party with all these beauties?

Oh, and their Bling Coasters are pretty lovely too!

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FREE Printable 'Let's Do Cocktails' Cards | October 03, 2012

As promised, here's the final installment in the "Let's Do" series. Go forth and make cocktail dates with your friends!

EDIT OCT 5th: Ok, so here's the thing. Turns out I accidently used an older version of the card in the photo shoot which is why the lettering is different in this photo as compared to the PDF artwork. Whoops! Anyway, I've now included both versions for you to download. Apologies!

Read on to download your freebies!

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Looking forward to... | July 31, 2012

...our next shindig (whenever that may be), so I can show off my tumbler collection!..

... and stir up some Lemonade with orange blossom water. I fell in love with this beautiful drink after tasting it for the first time at Mama Ganoush (a lovely middle eastern restaurant in Windsor). I generally make it whenever we entertain- it's been popular with guests. Awesome with sparkling water, instead of still. Make sure to grab the recipe!

{ all images by Amy Moss } 

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Mad About Pink | May 28, 2012

Delicata pencil { skirt } from Anthropologie (I'm in love with this!!)

Electric pink neon aztec  { earrings } from Love Sexton (via plenty of colour)

Pink { Neon Nail polish } from American Apparel

Molly toe cap { shoes } in natural and pink from Office

{ Ice-cream } card from Charlotte Love

Pink Happy { Bag } from Dooney and Bourke

Jarritos guava flavoured { soda }

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Arkiva Tropika | March 22, 2012


I probably spent a good half hour today scrolling through this awesome collection of yummy paper ephemera from tropical (or tropical themed) bars, restaurants, hotels and the like... Definitely worth a look!

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Mixed Bag... February 29, 2012 | February 29, 2012

Nothing lifts my mood more than a shot of colour. I guess it's a wonderful thing that bright hues are just so prevalent these days...

leather { colour block purse } from topshop

{ outfit } from j.crew

{ magenta suede loafers } from bared

mini { pom pom } hair clip/brooch set from

{ evian bottle } design from back in '09 by paul smith  { via minimalissimo }

check mark { art print } from twoems { via }

fashion { quote cards } from kikki.K

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Mixed Bag... August 8, 2011 | August 08, 2011

Homework pencil case by Present and Correct from Haus

Salad serving set from Leif

Nail polish in 'Leprechaun Lynch' from Scotch Naturals { via Life's Little Jems }

Experimental typography by Anna Garforth { via formfiftyfive }

Mini sequin heart hairclip/brooch from

Mimi CDC dress by Marc Jacobs

Industrial stencil letters from Urban Outfitters

Mask bag by Atsuyo et Akiko from Smallable

Funky juice bottles from Dutch by design { via designlovefest }

DIY wool felt flower hair accessories from Make it and love it

Kissing Stags Flat Purse from Anorak

Repetto BB Patent Ballerina Pumps from Asos

Carpenter pencil set from International Arrivals

Mustard Rose Pillow from jillybeancraft

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Free Festive Fruit Drink Labels | July 20, 2011

Dress up bottles of home made fruit juices, ciders, sodas or fruit infused waters with these free festive labels. Take a bright and bold decorative approach to summer picnics, home entertaining and even gifts!

Continue for more pics and to download your freebie!

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Mixed Bag... June 27, 2011 | June 27, 2011

Zippity Doo Dah pouch from International Arrivals

Apple Lacquer Clock from Jonathan Adler

Vintage bow ties from American Apparel

Storage jars from Haus

Meridian dress in teal from Hound Design { via Darling Dexter }

Pet Rock Printed Leather Bill Holder from Jack Spade

Neon Nail Polish from American Apparel

Re-usable submarine ice-cubes from Kikkerland

Chartreuse Rose on White pillow from bedbuggs

Mittens from Bergslagsgatan { via Fine Little Day }

Original Coca-Cola Hutchinson bottle from Selfridges

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Fab Four... May 4, 2011 | May 04, 2011

{ 1 }  Pear and Raspberry fruit crush from Belvois Fruit Farms

{ 2 }  Heart chipboard postcard from Set Editions { via wit + delight }

{ 3 }  Bonjour Bebe card from Lazy Oaf

{ 4 }  2-Pack textile bags from H&M Home

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Child-like wonders | March 22, 2011

a) Bernard and Tipton Stamp creation sets from The Small Object.

b) Easter Bunny card from Rifle Paper Co.

c) Hansi Pink Lemonade from Raw Materials.

d) Anna Olivia Animal cups from Danish Ceramics.

e) Esther short shorts from Olive's Friend Pop.

f) Pink Candy Stripe party cups from Sambellina.

g) Pink Donna Wilson cloud cushion from Smallable.

h) My Name is Simone plush toy from Smallable.

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Tea Party Hues | February 24, 2011

01  Sweet Dreams teapot and teacup set in 'Ice Blue' from T2

02  Creme Royale collection from Sohum

03  Cushion cover from H&M

04  Limoges tea sets from The Cooking Company

05  Royale Savon Bon Bon collection from Sohum

06  Macarons from Paulette Macarons

07  Madeline Chair from Urban Outfitters

08  Pavlova dress from Review

09  Perfectly packaged P.J.'s from Peter Alexander

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DIY 'Je t'aime' coffee cup wrappers | February 11, 2011

Wouldn't it be cute to surprise a loved one on Valentine's morning (or any morning for that matter) with a cup of coffee for the road that literally says 'I love you'?  With this concept in mind I designed these love-themed wrappers that can be used to dress up a disposable coffee cup. The perfect romantic gesture for the caffeine obsessed!

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Vipers Bugloss Honey | May 11, 2010

A few key things happened after I got married.

A change of title from Miss to Mrs, an update to 'married' on my facebook status, a brief pondering of what will become of my now redundant 'I heart my boyfriend' t-shirt, and the strangest of all-  a sudden and inexplicable explosion of sweet and sugary foods in my diet.

I kid you not, the day immediately after the wedding, it was sugar overload.

Although I've heard of the phenomenon, I've always thought myself immune to the seductive advances of the 'I can finally let myself go now that I'm married' club but, seriously, what other explanation can there be?

This sunny Tuesday afternoon I succumbed to the temptation of delicious honey from New Zealand brand J. Friend and Co. which I acquired during a Saturday shopping trip to Simon Johnson. I was drawn to the pretty packaging and interesting varieties with odd little names like 'Vipers Bugloss' that I struggle to pronounce. The poetic description on the back reads 'light pollen and floral notes with a distinctive vanilla taste'. Sounds good right? Well, boy is it ever. It can be eaten straight from the jar. No need for useless intermediary items like toast or crackers... or a spoon. Nuh-uh.

However, I can't go past the combination of honey and lemon tea. One of my faves.

For a less conventional serving suggestion (that I discovered only just today) -place a generous dollop of honey directly onto a slice of lemon and enjoy. Where has this concept been my whole life?

{ photos by amy moss }

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Sanna Annukka Tin Designs | January 19, 2010

I've long been a fan of Sanna Annukka's gorgeous folk art inspired illustrations. I'm really loving her tin designs for Marks and Spencer's biscuits (top) and Paulig Coffee (bottom).

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