Apple Week at A Field Journal | November 18, 2009

One of my favourite blogs of all time is A Field Journal. I'm sure many of you have seen it before and are well aware of just how truly inspiring it is! Through her breathtaking photo-styling and the most adorable creative projects, Livy conjures up a perfect little world in which to get lost.

Last week was 'Apple Week' where Livy provided some tempting autumn-inspired apple recipes accompanied, of course, by her signature gorgeous imagery.

Feast your eyes on these: Apple Cider, Candied Apples, Caramel Apples and Apple Crisp. Yum. Yum. Yum.

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Organic Elderflower Pressé by Belvoir Fruit Farms | November 13, 2009

I think I've just found my new favourite beverage! I am totally smitten with this Elderflower Pressé by Belvoir Fruit Farms. It really has quite an unusual flavour and is bubbly and refreshing- perfect for a sunny summer afternoon. I don't even know what an Elderflower is, but I thank god for it.

And yes, the packaging is heavenly and quite possibly a contributing factor to my reverence for this product. I am now really keen to try the other flavours in the series. Melbournites- you can find these at The Essential Ingredient in Prahran Market.

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Pretty Flags | November 11, 2009

Very cute table design with recipes and free printables including these little flags in a multitude of pretty patterns from Morning by Foley.

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Beautiful Wooden Tableware | November 05, 2009

Stunning in their simplicity and natural aesthetic, wooden tableware has become a recent fascination of mine, especially pieces of the miniature variety! They add such a beautiful touch to a table design- great for parties and entertaining!  Continue for more info on my own personal collection as well as items on the wishlist!

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il migliore | November 04, 2009

It was just before Christmas last year and my mother and I were in a car headed towards Armadale when we discovered a little shop packed to the brim with brightly coloured packages in a variety of beautiful and exotic patterns. We were intrigued! Continue for more details and pics.

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Beautiful Christmas Table by Jenny Louey | October 20, 2009

Was flicking through old editions of Inside Out magazine, garnering inspiration for some future projects when I happened upon this gorgeous table design by stylist Jenny Louey in their Xmas 07 edition.  I love the surprising juxtaposition of cherries with Haigh's chocolate frogs- I think it strikes a lovely balance between sophistication and whimsy. I also love the rich colour scheme with deep reds and browns and the inclusion of easily sourced, everyday food items like Petit écolier biscuits and Lamingtons within such a stylish and elegant context. Gorgeous! Is it too early to be pondering Christmas?

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Rae Dunn Ceramic Cheese Markers | September 30, 2009

Ok, I am totally smitten with these Ceramic Cheese Markers by Rae Dunn- definitely one for the wishlist. Available at Rain Collection. What an awesome entertaining idea! They add a stylish finishing touch to any cheese platter.

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Afternoon Sugar Fix: Rose Syrup | July 31, 2009

Rose Syrup

Growing up in a family that originally hailed from Singapore I was extremely blessed to be exposed to the wonders of Rose Syrup. I love this stuff!

Rose Syrup apparently originated in Singapore and as far as I'm concerned, Singapore's T.G Kiat and Co. is the best brand to get! Established in 1935, the company have obviously tried to retain an air of tradition in their branding with their awesome vintage label.

I have yet to find a syrup that compares and we've only found one asian grocery store in Melbourne that stocks it. If you've never tried the stuff, I urge you to hunt it down. I think it's the perfect summer drink, a unique idea for entertaining and definitely the perfect afternoon pick me up!(In fact, I"m having a glass right now!)

Simon Johnson Rose Syrup

I recently found Mymouné Rose Syrup online from Simon Johnson (above)- It's a Lebanese brand. I've never tried it before but I'm intensely curious to see how it compares. It also has a pretty cool label! If anyone has tried it please let me know if it's any good.

Happy friday afternoon!

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Xocoa Chocolate | July 06, 2009


Wouldn't these bonbonera chocolates from xocoa make an elegant offering for guests when they drop by, be a great little gift, or be beautiful as part of a dessert buffet for your party?

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Stylish Entertaining Idea: Ninutik- Maple Syrup | June 18, 2009

Ninutik - Maple Sugar

Ninutik- Maple Sugar LollipopI saw this on At Home with Kim Vallee and I simply had to link it myself! Ninutik's unique presentation of maple sugar make such stylish ideas for entertaining and for gifts.

Ninutik products are designed by Dianne Croteau and Richard Brault, the founding partners of Studio Innova.

The lollipops are my personal favourite :)



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Postcard Teas | June 17, 2009

Postcard Teas

Postcard TeasSend your Tea by Postcard!

These teas from London company "Postcard Teas" make an excellent gift idea.

Just hop onto their site, choose your tea, then fill out the virtual postcard and they will print it out and post your tea anywhere around the world.





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