Starting Early | November 03, 2014

It's always around this time of year that I start to get excited about the impending craziness that is the holiday season. Each year I make these utterly gargantuan plans.  “It's gonna be so friggin' AWESOME!” I say to myself as I begin crafting a mile-long list of ideas for decorations, gifts, wrapping and design projects- getting myself all hot and bothered in the anticipation of seeing each idea come to fruition.

It's about this time of year that I basically start setting myself up for the biggest disappointment ever.

I usually get so overwhelmed in the planning that hardly any of my ideas see the light of day. All my gift shopping ends up last-minute-week-before; dashing all hope to find or make gifts that are thoughtful and unique.

This year I pray that I've learned from my past mistakes but, in all honesty, over the last month or so the extravagance of my daydreaming has hit new bounds. I have to remind myself: Keep it simple. Don't be over-ambitious. Set your mind on only a handful of achievable projects.

The good news is, however, I have started my Christmas gift hunting early this year! If you're a bit of a creative nut like me, I would highly recommend this strategy! Especially when you're as details-oriented as I am.

Anyway, during this season, I hope to share many of my finds with you on this blog. Perhaps it will inspire you to start early too. Here's the first round...

kids sweater | mortar and pestle | clutch | tea | card | tray

Ok, so it's actually the gorgeous packaging that sold me on the Flutterby range of teas from T2. I have, however, sampled both flavours and they are really tasty! I particularly like the Flutterby Kisses fruit tisane. The great thing is that the label peels off easily so that when the tea is finished you can re-use the pretty tin to store other teas!

Finally, how stunning is this box set of copper patterned notecards?! 

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All of a Piece | October 09, 2013

Really loving this beautiful and oh-so-clever modular tableware

By Earnest Studio and Dana Cannam Design.

P.S. Make sure to watch the video to see it in action!

{ photos All of a Piece website }

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Nine... | July 04, 2013

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

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T2 Tea Canisters | June 19, 2013

Pretty patterned tea canisters from T2. Love!

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Stuff and Tea Towels | May 09, 2013

I turned to Mark the other night and had a big fat whinge about how I didn't think this flu would ever go away and I would feel like this forever. Long Emphatic Sigh. 

Sorry for the lack of updates recently... it's hard to impart inspiration when your brain's gone seriously whackadoo. 

I am extremely grateful for all the kind and encouraging comments on my last post! You guys rock! I truly have such wise, insightful and beautiful readers. The overwhelming response was, when it comes to this blog I should 'do what makes me happy' and just 'follow my heart' and even though this advice may seem simple and obvious, I think I just needed to hear it! Thank-you for your support! xo

So, I'm off now. I will be attempting to master the art of being non-productive (so I can get over this bug) but before I leave- Do you like the above drawing by David Shrigley? It is available as a tea towel at Third Drawer Down... I think it's kinda cute.

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6 pretty things... | July 06, 2012

{ ONE } In Summery top from Modcloth

{ TWO } Chalkboard Spice Jars from Anthropologie

{ THREE} Psychedelic Oxfords from J.Crew

{ FOUR } Mint green Bobbin Birdie bicycle from Bobbin Bicycles 

{ FIVE } Emma Cleine Mandala cushions from Crate Expectations

{ SIX } Back and forth bobbi pins from

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Mignon Kitchen Co. | February 07, 2012

You may have already seen Rachel's beautiful blog Elephantine... Have you also seen her beautiful new online shop? Take a peek!

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Mixed Bag... January 23, 2012 | January 23, 2012

hario buono kettle from hario gear

green etched tumblers from ben pentreath

bright necklace from toast

mason jar shakers from terrain

urban garden duvet and shams from west elm

composition orange notebooks from scout books

'eat' sign from terrain

maple bedcover from country road

trio colour sleeveless dress from laura ashley

safari dining chairs from coco republic

embroidered garden recipe cards from terrain

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The Patchwork Christmas Collection from MOZI | November 16, 2011

Cute Christmas collection from MOZI.

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Mixed Bag... October 20, 2011 | October 20, 2011

Sydney Vintage Table Lamp from Mod Pieces

2012 Watercolour Calendar from Terrain

Piano Nobile Pocket Notebooks from R&L Goods

Huge Party Cards by Hazel Stark

Tatler Sofa from Oz Furniture Design

Typographic wood artwork by Jordan Metcalf

Small Arrows Bowls from Deep Dark Africa {via The Style Files}

Small Knit Colour Cozy Mug from Leif

Get the Hint Stickers from Urban Outfitters

Cute photo of Audrey Hepburn

Spira Pomerans Pink Swedish Cushion from Hus and Hem

First Kiss Tea towel from Satsuki Shibuya

Payton Restyled Vintage Table Lamp from Mod Pieces

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Mixed Bag... September 26, 2011 | September 26, 2011

1955 pink vintage typewriter from BMT vintage

Glitter Letters from Paper Trail

Veranda Floral Shoes from Ruche

Word painting artwork by Wayne White

Dress from Victoria collection by Victoria Beckham (via Much Love)

Hofdi Cushion from Donna Wilson

Birdy Walk scarf from Donna Wilson  in fact, check out her entire  2011/12 collection

Origami Hana Rope Necklace by Homako

Pink Ceramic Owl money bank from Fruitfly PIe

Paint Me A Dream Flower from Alannah Hill

Watermelon on Natural Cross Cushion from Olive and Joy

Howell Wingback Chair from Anthropologie

Cockatoo Tea Towel from Bonnie and Neil

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Moody Hues... September 7, 2011 | September 07, 2011

Handmade Silk Flower Brooch from Yeojin Bae

Shaggy Pop Pillow from Anthropologie

Lemon Recipe Cards from Rifle

Wallpaper and fabrics from Galbraith and Paul

Outfit from Gorman

Royal Doulton Tapas dip bowls from John Lewis

Outdoor Antares Table from Terrain

2012 journal from Frankie

Gold Label Recipe box from Sugar Paper (via Adore Home)

Orange Gnome Candle from Sunny Life

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Citta Design | December 10, 2010

Loving the bright and colourful, Mexican inspired homewares from Citta Design.

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Tea towels by Charlotte Farmer | December 08, 2010

These tea towels by Charlotte Farmer look good enough to eat. Available at To Dry For.

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Mouta | November 03, 2010

Cute shop! Check out Mouta.

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Shades of Autumn | October 20, 2010

And now for the other side of the globe...

1. Soft ochre crochet cushion cover from Toast

2. Cushion with leaves from By Nord

3. Conservatory chair from Anthropologie

4. Love this range of kitchen items from Orla Kiely (UK)

5. Shoes from Sally Scott

6. Hand crochet throw from Toast

7. Buy the "Dotty" kids bedding from Ferm Living and it comes with this cute little matching tote.

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Cocobohème | October 15, 2010

Some cute finds over at Cocobohème

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Beautiful Brown | October 11, 2010

1. Handmade star decorations by Andrea Brugi and Samina Langholz from SFH

2. Dress by Lisa Brown

3. 'Ghana' check cushion from John Robshaw Textiles

4. Iron Ampersand from House Industries

5. Heart wreath by Wildwood Weaving

6. Handmade decoration fir trees by Andrea Brugi and Samina Langholz from SFH

7. Vintage plate from Neest

8. Small cabinet by Spiti

9. Oxford shoes from J. Crew

10. Outfit from Whit Fall 2010 Collection

11. Clock from Hiromatsu

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Spring has { almost } sprung | September 29, 2010

I'm in a spring mood, despite the mostly dreary and cold weather lingering down here in Melbourne. Last Sunday was a perfect day and we saw some real traces of sun, warmth and blue skies which reminded us that spring, thankfully, should not be too far away...

1. Fun flower designs for fabrics by Annabel Grey

2. Bird in the tree cutting board from Yoostore { via design*sponge }

3. Children's wall lamp from Ikea

4. Cute illustrated plates at The Storybook Rabbit

5. Sketchpad Elyse dress from Kate Spade

6. Lovely handpainted cushions at Bluebellgray

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Clowns & Tea Towels | September 06, 2010

Top: This illustration by Amy Borrell makes me smile.

Bottom: Lovely organic cotton tea towels by Katherine J Lee. { via Mint Parcel }

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