Come live in my heart and pay no rent... | April 01, 2010

I couldn't resist. Here's a little teaser of our engagement party photo shoot. More to come soon :)

Photography by Jonathan Ong.

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The Ramblings of Dottie Angel | March 10, 2010

I only just discovered the Ramblings of Dottie Angel. It's a delight to scroll through the beautifully composed images of Tif Fussell's crafty creations, collection of vintage goodies and loveable dachshund Olive.

Which reminds me, I really want to get this book.

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Jonathan Ong Photography | February 22, 2010

Check out the beautiful wedding and engagement portfolio of Melbourne based photographer Jonathan Ong. We've just booked him for our upcoming engagement party! Found via Polka Dot Bride.

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Engagement Photo by Ryan Brenizer | February 08, 2010

Such an artistic engagement shot of "Adam and Chastity" by photographer Ryan Brenizer. So perfect!

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Africa Meets Neon | February 03, 2010

Currently inspired by the playful clash of colours, prints and objects in these interior shots styled by the incredibly talented Irina Graewe in her "Africa Meets Neon" series.

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McFancy | January 29, 2010

Last year I was approached by The Cool Hunter to style some photos for a pitch to McDonalds for an upmarket pop-up restaurant for fashion week. The concept was to give McDonalds food a complete makeover and re-brand the fast food giant with an aesthetic suitable for a 5 star restaurant. (Read more about it here). I designed packaging that incorporates familiar high-end fashion branding and worked with photographer Marija Ivkovic to create some wonderful shots!

Above are the various concepts we came up with including Paul Smith Sundaes that incorporates a gorgeous cupcake wrapper design by The Cupcake Wrapper Co. Just in case you're interested, the cutlery used in these shots are Seletti disposables that we spray painted white.

We also did a whole series of a black packaging alternatives but I think the white ended up being the most effective.

McFancy is such a fantastic concept and I felt extremely honoured to be a part of the team that brought it to life. It was also amazing to meet talented photographer Marija Ivkovic whose enthusiasm and constant positive energy made her a real joy to work with. Check out her amazing Photobooth for event hire.

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Catimini Summer 2010 | January 21, 2010

Currently swooning over the circus themed photo-styling in Catimini's Summer 2010 catalogue! Superbly crafted photos of beautiful children's wear.

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Anthropologie: Marvels & Wonders | November 24, 2009

How creative is the styling in this Marvels and Wonders series at Anthropologie!

Be sure to check out the Barky Turntable.

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Polaroid Notes | November 17, 2009

I think this is a brilliant concept- 20 notecards made from polaroids. Such a novel way to decorate your gifts! Curated by Jenifer Altman. Available here.

For more Polaroid goodness also check out Jenifer's 2010 Polaroid Calendar.

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Rustic Elegance | October 26, 2009

Check out this collection of inspiring finds. Whether raw and natural or fine and delicate, these items blend seamlessly together. Continue for more pics and details.

Read More
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Neutral Objects | October 22, 2009

Finding inspiration in the neutral tones of these simple, beautiful objects on Flickr.

Top:  Heart cookie by  Simple Effulgence

Bottom: White buttons by  Stitchindye

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Vintage Striped Straws | October 07, 2009

How inspiring are these photos of vintage striped straws! By Hungrygirl. Via Parcel Post. Love their look in combination with milk bottles!

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Strand Arcade's Spring & Summer Wonderland | September 25, 2009

Alice-in-Wonderland tea parties, "Eat Me" mushrooms... tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Love this series of photographs for Sydney's Strand Arcade Spring & Summer Campaign. Styling by yet another 2C talent- Emily McGregor.

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Petrina Tinslay Lifestyle and Food Photography | September 25, 2009

Petrina Tinslay

Tempting myself, yet again, with more yummy food and lifestyle photography... this time by 2C's Petrina Tinslay. Love the exotic, rich colour and style in these shots.

Valrhona... yum...

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"Ghost" Fashion Photoshoot | September 23, 2009

Love the dreamy aesthetic in this fashion photoshoot titled "Ghost" by Waldemar Hansson and Max Modén. Styling by Emma Tiblom. Via Floddertje

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Up in the air... | September 09, 2009

up in the air...

TOP: "Fly me to the edges of the sky" Print by cloverpunk available here. (via Audrey Hepburn Complex)

BOTTOM:  Beautiful artwork by Rachell Sumpter. More to see here.

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Kohler Chocolates | September 08, 2009

Kohler Chocolates

This simple and beautiful imagery makes me crave chocolate something chronic. I've never actually tried Kohler Chocolates before but I'm certainly tempted! I'm curious as to who did the photography and styling for these. Anybody know?

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Red and Pink and Lovely | September 03, 2009

Red & Pink & Lovely

Red and pink lovelies for your inspiration...

TOP:  Beautiful Maraschino cherries and beautiful composition-  Prop Styling by Alessandro Mortola

MIDDLE: A perfect 'Sugar Rose'- Styling by Deb Mclean

BOTTOM: Vintage bathing beauties from Vogue January 1963  on My Vintage Vogue via Pink Lemonade

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DIY Outtakes and News | August 31, 2009

Eat Drink Chic- Blue Vases

This is a photo I took of some orchids in beautiful blue vases that were going to be used as part of a shoot for a DIY project I was working on a few weeks back. Even though they ended up on the cutting room floor, I thought they were so beautiful that I had to share them!

Speaking of DIY projects, I have been working on one for the last couple of weeks. This particular project has proved a huge learning curve for me and after numerous setbacks has taken me longer than I had hoped but, thankfully, the end is now in sight!   Coming very, very soon. Please stay tuned!

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Festive Adornments | August 28, 2009

doe c doe & Evie S. Weddings + Events

TOP: Love the colours in this photograph by doe-c-doe of ice-cream parlour style awnings.

BOTTOM: Gorgeous and delicate knitted white garland available from Evie S. Weddings + Events.

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