Cheeky Monkey | July 17, 2013

Our oddball rescue, Sukie, is a wee bit of an anxious pup (You may recall the Magic Carpet Ride incident).  Because of this fact, life is never boring with Sukie around. There's always a new quirk to challenge us and keep us endlessly entertained. 

So, here's the latest one...

Sukie is primarily an inside dog. When Mark and I go out, Sukie stays inside. Initially we tried leaving her in the backyard but she disliked it so much that she began associating the backyard with 'bad things' and refused to go out there at all, even just for a play. So, we relented. Sukie got her way and stays inside. For a long time, she seemed quite content with this arrangement. 

Recently, however, she's become a lot more comfortable around us and has started to push her boundaries. Even though she's happier inside, she doesn't like the fact that we leave at all. So, she developed a cheeky little scheme to keep us home. As soon as she spots our usual 'going out' habits like putting on our shoes or coats, she will ask to be let outside. She will then mysteriously disappear from view and despite our calls, will not come back into the house. We will then discover her hiding, guiltily, amongst the bushes; unwilling to move an inch. She knows that we won't leave until we get her inside!

It would be easy to get frustrated at this behaviour, but it's just so gosh-darn cute! 

The first, most obvious, tactic was to pretend there was a visitor and ring the doorbell so that she would come bounding inside to greet them. This worked a treat for awhile but now she's cottoned on to our plan and won't budge for ANYTHING!

A couple of Sundays ago, in a last ditch effort, Mark decided to grab our adorable 36kg 'scaredy-cat' from under the bushes and carry her in!

I was thrilled that I was able to grab a happy snap of this ridiculous sight! Mark, however, was not so impressed...

Ahh... the things we do for our dogs.

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Random Lovelies.. | June 21, 2013

I haven't tackled one of these posts in awhile.... you know, the random mish-mash of details from our home. So I figured it was probably time :)

Firstly, my obsession with bowls has gone a tad out of control. What you see above, is not the complete collection, mind you. They're just so dang pretty. I can't resist.

I just need to find a creative way to display them all.

My latest weakness, however, is for pot plants. A growing collection currently inhabits the top of our bar.

Ok, let's face it, this is merely an excuse to collect interesting planters and feed my insatiable hunger for pretty ceramics. Shh... don't tell anyone.

I went to The Collectors Corner at Gardenworld earlier this week with the intention of buying an airplant. I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer variety. Who knew? I waded through hundreds of succulents, cacti and airplants and eventually (whilst on the brink of a head explosion) settled on the succulent below and the prettiest airplant I could find (far right on the bar).

Gardenworld is a plant-lovers paradise. For a mere dabbler, such as myself, it can be a tad overwhelming but still very much worth the visit!

And in other random lovelies...

Saturday lunch. Boiled eggs, spring onion, Simon Johnson mayo, spelt toast. Yum.

Oh, and my gift tag obsession continues... This time I'm using images from an old Ted Baker catalogue.

And it just wouldn't be right to not include a little 'Sukie' in here...

It's funny, the unique vernacular that starts to develop within a household. For example, Sukie takes meds each morning. To make these more palatable, we thickly envelop them in peanut butter. Mark has nicknamed her meds "Scooby Snacks". The mere mention of those words and Sukie becomes a frantic mess. Probably because he also lets her lick the spoon when she's finished!

Sukie, like most dogs, understands the word 'Walk'. So, to avoid any premature paw stamping, circular jumping, and tail wag action,  Mark has started to get creative when discussing the activity. Each time, he uses different code words. It started with "Are you ready to monkey the monkey?" but, in recent times, I'm pretty sure I caught him saying "You ready to hand-crochet the alabaster?". Go figure.

Do you remember when I bought this lovely print by Mia Oatley? I forgot to mention that I got it framed. Wowsers. How is it that the framing is about a zillion times more expensive than the artwork itself? Looks pretty though. I have yet to decide where to hang it...

And that's all the news! If you like this kinda jazz, visit Sundayland.

Happy Friday everybody! :)

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Sunday in Pictures | June 11, 2013


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Just some random things... | May 02, 2013

I guess it's probably not a good idea to write a blog post when one can't think straight. It's probably the flu, or hormones, or lack of proper nutrition (I think I had chocolate for breakfast yesterday... and lunch ). More likely, it's some hideous cocktail of all of these things. I'm going to do it anyway.

I'm on the couch today, a tissue box beside me, a quilt wrapped around me, the Codral has just kicked in and I'm staring at this stunning new treasure that has recently made its way into our life.  

Over the weekend, Mark and I found a beautiful Indian sideboard at Fenton and Fenton and were quick to snatch it up. It arrived yesterday morning and it is just PERFECT. In typical 'Amy' fashion, before I could even rip the price tag off it, I immediately started placing various knick-knacks on top and shuffling them around. Ahh... the styling possibilities. I'm gonna have some fun with this one...

And how wonderful to have all this incredibly useful new storage space at my disposal.

So here's the thing I'm really confused about at the moment. I started my Sundayland tumblr recently in an attempt to create a photo journal of a more personal, less polished nature. The truth is, I would love to take this blog in the same direction. As a result, I am experiencing big-time confusion as to where to post my content these days! I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue. Would you like to see more content of a personal nature, my home decorating pursuits, my creative process, on Eat Drink Chic? What is it about this blog that you most enjoy?

In other random news...

Do you remember this cutlery tag project? Well, I've gone back to hacking my Jamie mag to decorate these amber bottles. Newspaper kinda works well too...

Above is a pic of our purple vintage bar, an impulse purchase from a few years back. For the longest time it was just this big, superfluous object that was kinda cool but didn't quite fit in anywhere. Consequently, it was shuffled around the house in an aimless fashion, finally settling by our living room windows. Strangely enough, the addition of the new sideboard to our living room has actually balanced it quite nicely and made it feel more like it's part of the room. I think I've grown to love it again.

Our living room is starting to take shape.... slowly.

Have a happy weekend everybody! :)

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Sundayland | April 22, 2013

'Sundayland' is a term coined in our household for the dreamworld we inevitably escape to each Sunday.  Our minds abruptly descend into a kind of thick fog that provides incubation for a lot of half-finished sentences... vague, incoherent mumblings... thoughts that are half-baked at best....

So I felt that 'Sundayland' was an apt name for this brand new playground I've created for myself!

'Sundayland' provides a fuller, somewhat less polished, portrayal of my lifestyle. It takes a more personal approach, offering tidbits from my home and family life... but also strives to document my work process.

You see, I can be ridiculously perfectionistic when it comes to Eat Drink Chic. I take my time (sometimes a LOT of time) to source, curate, create and edit images and content, most of which ends up in a large, steaming pile on the cutting room floor. So I'll also be sharing some creative works-in-progress, half-baked concepts that have been long abandoned and outtakes from projects you've already seen on this blog. 

Hopefully this will also mean that I can churn out more content for you in between blog posts!

Have I successfully piqued your interest? Good. Check out Sundayland. :)

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