Freebie: "Love and Thanks" Card | October 08, 2010

I haven't really taken pencil to paper in awhile, preferring to rely on digital means to create most of my designs. This illustration, however, began with a session of doodling and evolved into a concept for a thank-you card.

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The Wedding of Zac & Kristy | October 07, 2010

I love this sweet and stylish reception for Zac & Kristy's wedding set in Red Hill, Victoria.

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{ Photography by Jonathan Ong }

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Inspirational Wedding Colours | September 15, 2010

I love the combination of colours used in the wedding of Nick & Surya. Great bridesmaid dresses! Beautiful photos by Brisbane photographer Jonas Peterson.

{ via Once Wed }

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The Cutest Ring Box | September 01, 2010

Spotted this whimsical red apple ring box in the The Cherry Blossom Girl's wedding (via 100 Layer Cake) and I fell in love.

{ Photography by Marianne Taylor }

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DIY Wedding "Hanky" Love Letters | August 30, 2010

I love the creative ways in which vintage handkerchiefs have been incorporated into weddings recently! Whether for Save the Dates, Invitations or simply for decoration- a collection of these hankies in various floral patterns creates such a beautiful, old-fashioned aesthetic.

Inspired by this concept, I designed some letter-writing paper sheets in the style of vintage hankies. Guests can pick them off a line to write little notes to the newlyweds and then hang them back up for display!

In the same vein as this previous DIY where I also explored the concept of 'Love Notes', these "Hanky" Love Letters are a unique guestbook alternative for your wedding.

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Magpie's Cake | August 12, 2010

Oh boy! When I spotted these beautiful creations from Magpie's Cake on Simplesong, I was so smitten I felt they were definitely worth a mention here also! These are stunning!

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Love, Loans & Linen | July 31, 2010

Love, Loans and Linen looks like such a lovely little shop. They also appear to loan out their stylish goods for events! Look forward to visiting it when I'm next in Sydney. More pics of their shop on their blog.

{ via follow studio. photography by lauren michelle }

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DIY Wedding Love Notes | July 17, 2010

Psst.. I've got a new DIY up on Once Wed!

It's a 'Message in a Bottle' favour with a twist. Includes some free printables. Check it out!

{ Photos by Amy Moss }

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Fancy White Frocks | July 13, 2010


Some fancy white frock inspiration... from Mango's Scarlett Summer range and a cute article from In Style Weddings with photography by Olivia Graham.

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My DIY Bridesmaid Thank-you Cards on Once Wed | May 25, 2010

I'm really thrilled today! I've contributed a little DIY project over at the lovely Once Wed where I play with vintage buttons, beautiful paper and toy with my latest obsession- hand-carving rubber stamps!  Go check it out....

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Bridesmaid Thank-you Cards | April 29, 2010

Imagine each of your bridesmaids receiving a handmade thank-you card with a beautiful silhouette of their dress, cut from watercolour wash paper. Such an adorable idea! Designed by Leslie Lewis Sigler of Lilly & Louise.

via Simple + Pretty.

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Surprise... We Got Married! Part III: The Newlyweds | April 19, 2010

On March 28, 2010 I married my best friend and the love of my life in my mother's vintage floral wedding dress in a small and casual backyard wedding.

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Surprise... We Got Married! Part II: The Story & The Styling | April 15, 2010

So you've probably heard that Mark and I cheekily surprised all our guests with a civil wedding ceremony during our 'engagement' party. Well, the following article contains the whole story along with all the sweet little details of the event, styled by yours truly with the help of some very talented folk.

Just in case you're looking to create a similar style of event in Melbourne, I've also provided a detailed account of where to source all the bits and pieces and have compiled a list of some of the creatives in the industry you should know.

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Surprise... We Got Married!! | April 14, 2010

On Sunday March 28 at 2pm, our guests, believing they were about to attend an engagement party, began arriving at our beautiful backyard picnic.  One hour into the proceedings we shocked them with a surprise wedding ceremony!

The looks of astonishment and delight on the faces of our guests were pure gold.

After 10 years of friendship, in which the last 4 years we were an inseparable couple, Mark and I finally got married! 

This series of photos by Jonathan Ong depict our first kiss as husband and wife.

Stay tuned for more details and photos from the event. This is only part one in a series of posts!

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A Special Day in 1977 | April 09, 2010

When my mother and father got married, it was in a registry office in Sydney with 10 guests. Simple, small and intimate.

My mother wore a beautiful floral summer dress that cost her $45. She carried three red roses.

They married on New Year's Eve 1977.  I arrived 2 years later...


Just thought I'd share this sweet, nostalgic moment with you all :)

I'm still eagerly awaiting the engagement photos. So much so I'm having dreams about it.

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The Royal Mail Hotel | February 26, 2010

I think I'm in love.

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Jonathan Ong Photography | February 22, 2010

Check out the beautiful wedding and engagement portfolio of Melbourne based photographer Jonathan Ong. We've just booked him for our upcoming engagement party! Found via Polka Dot Bride.

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The DIY Origami Heart Invitations are in the mail! | February 16, 2010

I first introduced you to my origami heart engagement party invitations in this article here. Well, after a working weekend of printing, cutting, folding, sewing, stuffing, addressing and stamping... phew... my fiancé and I have finally mailed out the little cuties!

Hand-stitching the edges of the translucent pocket was the most time-consuming part of the project. To ensure accuracy and quicken the hand-stitching process, we first measured and marked out (with needle pricks) the intended placement of the stitches.  To save time, we only did 5 stitches on each side.

The actual origami folding, thankfully, went a lot quicker than expected! However, the duration of the the final phase of the project- addressing and stuffing envelopes-  was sorely under-estimated. Having said that, we are both very proud of the effort that we put into creating unique, hand-crafted invitations for what will hopefully be a memorable event!

Special thanks to my hard-working fiancé, who whole-heartedly supported this crazy little project of mine. I am thankful that he shares in my desire to make this event as special as possible! Thanks also to our beautiful mothers for their contribution!

You can read more about these origami heart invitations here. Download the template to create a love note to someone special.

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Wooden Rainbow Heart Cake Topper | February 10, 2010

Cute wooden rainbow heart cake topper by Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object. Available at Together Forever. via freshlyblended

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Engagement Photo by Ryan Brenizer | February 08, 2010

Such an artistic engagement shot of "Adam and Chastity" by photographer Ryan Brenizer. So perfect!

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