Found Bottles and Flowers from my Mother's Garden | October 30, 2009

Today I thought I'd share with you some floral inspiration along with a 'show and tell' of my ever-expanding bottle collection! Continue for more details and pics!

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A Winter Wonderland Dessert Buffet at The Inspired Bride | October 29, 2009

Get all the details for how to re-create this exquisite blue and white, winter themed dessert buffet presented by The Inspired Bride and Bake it Pretty.  Check it out here! (Via Erin Vale Design)

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DIY 'La Dolce Vita' Party Candy Cup with Carry Handle | October 28, 2009

Whether used for favours or simply as a cup that guests can use to collect their own selection of treats from your party's candy buffet, the festive colours in this cup design allow for use at any occasion- parties, weddings or even the upcoming Christmas and holiday season. "La Dolce Vita" - Italian for "The Sweet Life" is a somewhat fitting title for a cup with a solitary life purpose to contain lots of delicious candy- No? Continue for more pics, ideas and to download your free paper cup cover design!

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Fashion: Rose and Ruby Spring/Summer 09 | October 27, 2009

Soft colours, Italian and French lace, chiffon, silk... lots of romantic touches in Rose and Ruby's Spring/Summer collection.

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Rustic Elegance | October 26, 2009

Check out this collection of inspiring finds. Whether raw and natural or fine and delicate, these items blend seamlessly together. Continue for more pics and details.

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For Violet | October 23, 2009

Recently a couple of good friends of ours had a little baby girl. To welcome little baby Violet into the world we got her a bright red teddy bear- a simple and classic gift but with a modern twist. Instead of adorning the gift with the usual congratulatory card to the parents, I thought it would be an unique idea to write a letter to Violet that she and her parents could keep, for years to come, as a memento of her birth.

So we wrote a little letter to the newborn, slipped it into a mini envelope that I had customised from a previous project, then tied it up to the teddy with string.

Continue for more details and pics!

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Neutral Objects | October 22, 2009

Finding inspiration in the neutral tones of these simple, beautiful objects on Flickr.

Top:  Heart cookie by  Simple Effulgence

Bottom: White buttons by  Stitchindye

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Freebies! Set of 4 Gift Tags | October 21, 2009

As promised- more free printable goodies! Hope you'll find good use for these decorative gift tags I've created for you. Continue to see the whole set and to download your freebies!

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Beautiful Christmas Table by Jenny Louey | October 20, 2009

Was flicking through old editions of Inside Out magazine, garnering inspiration for some future projects when I happened upon this gorgeous table design by stylist Jenny Louey in their Xmas 07 edition.  I love the surprising juxtaposition of cherries with Haigh's chocolate frogs- I think it strikes a lovely balance between sophistication and whimsy. I also love the rich colour scheme with deep reds and browns and the inclusion of easily sourced, everyday food items like Petit écolier biscuits and Lamingtons within such a stylish and elegant context. Gorgeous! Is it too early to be pondering Christmas?

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Mini Greeting Card and Letter-writing Set Freebies | October 19, 2009

I hope you enjoy this whimsical set of printables I've created for you to download. Included are designs for a greeting card, letter-writing paper and an envelope. Ideal for Birthdays, Christmas or whatever!

Continue for more pics and to download your freebies!

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Novelty Greeting Card- Cookies | October 16, 2009

I'm not normally a fan of such novelty items but this cluster of cookies greeting card was simply too pretty to ignore. From Matomeno.

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Found Objects at Brunswick St Bookstore | October 15, 2009

On Sunday the fiancé and I took a stroll down Brunswick St- Something we haven't done together in quite some time. It started off as a lovely day- beautiful sunshine, not a drop of rain in sight and a lovely brunch (in aforementioned sunshine) at Madame Sousou. Of course, being Melbourne, the pleasant weather was predictably short-lived and we soon found ourselves caught in torrential downpour.  

However, before this dramatic outburst from the heavens, I re-discovered Brunswick St Bookstore. I just love all the little treasures they have hidden there.  I picked up a copy of The Hungry Girls Cookbook Volume 2 and this very cute little postcard of an apple core by ask alice stationery. Just thought I'd share...

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Fashion: Fragmentation Collection by Willow | October 14, 2009

Pretty, pretty pleats! Loving the Fragmentation Collection by Willow.

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Found Objects: Gift Tags from Pepe's Paperie | October 13, 2009

Aren't these gift tags gorgeous? I found these little gems at Pepe's Paperie at Doncaster Shoppingtown. I was told that they were made by an employee. Such a subtle yet beautiful embellishment for any gift. More pics ahead!

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Recycled Vintage Floral Patterns | October 12, 2009

Currently, I've got vintage floral patterns on the brain...

TOP:  Ornamental butterflies recycled from old saucers from Lightly

BOTTOM: Notebooks from Mustertussi

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Crazy for Vintage Printers Blocks | October 09, 2009

Love these fun, home made printers block stamps by The Upcycler.

Wooden thread bobbin handles- how inspired!! Check out the article here. Such a great DIY idea!

Also love these Toothbrush Holders found at Baileys Home and Garden (via Follow Studio)

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Exclusive to Eat Drink Chic Readers | October 08, 2009

Great news! Nathalie, the talented designer over at Imprintables, has been kind enough to offer Eat Drink Chic readers a special deal on her gorgeous stamps! These are so pretty and will add a very stylish touch to your party stationery!

Buy three personalised stamps and receive one absolutely free! Valued at $45! Simply mention Eat Drink Chic when placing your order.

Thanks Nathalie!

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Vintage Striped Straws | October 07, 2009

How inspiring are these photos of vintage striped straws! By Hungrygirl. Via Parcel Post. Love their look in combination with milk bottles!

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DIY Home Made Jam Packaging- Free Labels | October 06, 2009

In the past I've received quite a few requests for home made jam labels. I finally thought it was about time I took on the challenge!

Home made jam makes a great gift with a personal touch. It also works well as a party or wedding favour, especially for an event with a bit of a 'crafty' vibe. Part of the fun of creating the presentation of your jam jar is searching for interesting fabrics and ribbon! To facilitate this, I deliberately kept the design of the labels quite simple, allowing for more freedom and variety in your decorating choices.

Read on for more pics, ideas and to download your freebies!

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Millimeter Milligram | October 02, 2009

Loving these stylish geometric-inspired goodies from Millimeter Milligram.

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