Afternoon Sugar Fix: Rose Syrup | July 31, 2009

Rose Syrup

Growing up in a family that originally hailed from Singapore I was extremely blessed to be exposed to the wonders of Rose Syrup. I love this stuff!

Rose Syrup apparently originated in Singapore and as far as I'm concerned, Singapore's T.G Kiat and Co. is the best brand to get! Established in 1935, the company have obviously tried to retain an air of tradition in their branding with their awesome vintage label.

I have yet to find a syrup that compares and we've only found one asian grocery store in Melbourne that stocks it. If you've never tried the stuff, I urge you to hunt it down. I think it's the perfect summer drink, a unique idea for entertaining and definitely the perfect afternoon pick me up!(In fact, I"m having a glass right now!)

Simon Johnson Rose Syrup

I recently found Mymouné Rose Syrup online from Simon Johnson (above)- It's a Lebanese brand. I've never tried it before but I'm intensely curious to see how it compares. It also has a pretty cool label! If anyone has tried it please let me know if it's any good.

Happy friday afternoon!

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Fashion Tales: Of Tutus and Ruffles | July 31, 2009

Fashion Tales: Of Tutus and Ruffles

In a somewhat girly mood today-  well, at least, a little more so than usual ;-)

Hopefully you can find some inspiration in this scrapbook of two very prevalent girly fashion icons at the moment-  the tutu and the ruffle! 

From top to bottom - Pink tutu from Alannah Hill, S/S 10 dresses from Saby (photos found on Fashion Week by Berns) ,dress by Morgan Boszilkov (photos from Utterly Engaged Issue 2) via Creature Comforts, skirt by Jane and Eleni, white Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw tutu replica from lolashowgirl on Etsy, ballerina skirt from Gorman and DIY Ruffle Belt from 100 Layer Cake.


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Etsy Shops | July 30, 2009

Etsy Finds

Some adorable Etsy finds for this Thursday morning!

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Hand-drawn Lettering | July 29, 2009

Grill'd Menu

I'm really digging some of the hand-drawn lettering goodness coming out of Australia these days- especially from Grill'd. Their takeaway menu (above) and the wall art in their stores (below) are simply awesome! For more of their illustrative/typographical craziness check out their website.  If anyone knows the illustrator responsible for this, please let me know!

Grill'd Wall Art

(image credit)

I'm also a huge fan of the Hudsons Coffee wall art by Kleimeyer Industries (below). All very inspirational! :)

Hudsons Coffee Wall Art

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Gift Ideas: Bonnie Young Baby Collection | July 28, 2009

Bonnie Young Baby Collection

How cute and stylish are these simple white pieces from the Bonnie Young baby collection? (via CoutureLab)

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Melrose and Morgan | July 28, 2009

Melrose and Morgan

Currently swooning over these images of perfect pastries at Melrose and Morgan.

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Apartment Tales: A Teapot and Three Red Gerberas | July 27, 2009

a teapot and three red gerberas

I have to admit, the apartment has been sadly neglected due to lack of time and disposable funds. I have so many decorating ideas that have never come into fruition... new furniture, new decor, new colours... all in good time. 

However, I did manage to purchase this gorgeous clear glass teapot from T2 Tea  (Perhaps my favourite retail destination ever!) and thought it would look stunning as a vase. Along came three red gerberas from here and voila!- I now have a little ray of sunshine in my poor neglected, under-decorated apartment.

Last week was a good week for Eat Drink Chic. Got some press from One Pretty Thing, Snippet and Ink and Papercrave amongst others! Thanks to all who have visited, emailed and commented- it's so nice to hear from all of you. :)

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Fashion: Tina H | July 27, 2009

Tina H

Norwegian fashion designer Tina H. Really loving her style! 

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DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels | July 24, 2009

DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels

Reward your bridesmaids for all their hard work with this feminine and chic DIY gift idea- relaxing homemade bubble bath! Read on for some bubble bath recipe links, packaging ideas and free printable labels!

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Fashion Illustration: Echo Morgan | July 23, 2009

Fashion Illustrator: Echo Morgan

Some beautiful inspiration from fashion illustrator Echo Morgan.

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Bridal Style: Going Simple Vintage with Etsy | July 23, 2009

Vintage Bridal

Thinking of going vintage for your wedding outfit? Etsy has some simple and understated numbers including this cream short puff sleeve dress (top) from posiesforlulu and this simple and elegant white slip from ItsBella.

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Tower of Macaroons | July 22, 2009

Delicious Memory by Sweet Arrogance

Doesn't this delicious shot of Laduree in London by Sweet Arrogance make you wish you were there? I'll take that tower of macaroons to go, thanks :)

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Home Decor: Personalised Silhouettes Artwork | July 21, 2009

Personalised Silhouettes

Such a cute idea! Personalised silhouette artworks from yourockbaby at Etsy. Send in your photo and text and Caroline will create your custom artwork. (The couples version could also be great for weddings).

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Home Decor Idea: Colourful Clusters of Hanging Lights | July 20, 2009

Home Decor: Colourful Clusters of Hanging Lights

I'm really adoring this decorating idea- Clustering hanging lampshades or lanterns of different colours, shapes and patterns.  Top image from  Northern Steamship Co. Mac's Brewbar in Auckland, New Zealand. Bottom pic- Japanese lantern collection in pale pastel shades shown in Real Living Magazine August 2009.

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Little Paper Planes- Jumping Rope Postcard | July 20, 2009

Jumping Rope Postcard

I'm loving this cute Jumping Rope Postcard by Chiaki Mori! "This 1-color screenprinted postcard is painted with carmel pigment to represent antiquity and each one is uniquely different from the next".  A new addition at Little Paper Planes.

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Thank-you! Free Vintage Style Flash Card Gift tags | July 17, 2009

Free Vintage Style Flash Card Gift tags

I woke up this Friday morning to a lovely surprise! A big thank-you to the ever-inspiring iDiY for the link and the kind words today. The recognition was a tremendous inspiration boost and I'll be making sure to keep up the DIY-ing. 

Thanks also to Craft Gossip and Little Ant Design for their kind linkage!

Oh, and I've been dying to use this idea for awhile and it's the perfect excuse to- Thankyou and Birthday Gift tags in a style similar to  French vintage flash cards. Just a simple freebie for this sunny Friday.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Flash Card Gift Tags.

NOTE: Print onto textured white card stock.


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DIY Vintage Style Labels for Oil & Vinegar Bottles and Wooden Boxes | July 16, 2009

Oil-Vinegar_Box-Free Vintage style Labels

A week ago I splurged on this stunning book - The Handy Book of Artistic Printing. After flipping through the pages I was left feeling incredibly inspired! The book shows examples of a highly decorative style of letterpress from the late 1800's-  Rich, ornamental typography and graphics utilising gorgeous colour schemes and referencing motifs from different eras and cultures. To put my inspiration to good use and also feed my current penchant for vintage style labels  (see my articles on DIY Herb Bottles and DIY Apothecary bottles. Yes, it's an obsession),  I decided to try my hand at this style by creating Oil and Vinegar and wooden box labels for you to download and use. Read on for more pics and to download your freebies!

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SundraSandrusi Jewellery on Etsy | July 15, 2009


Soft and beautiful bits of lace - handmade jewellery from SundraSandrusi.

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Stylish Japanese Food | July 14, 2009

Banana Granola

I seem to have developed a fascination with all things Japanese ever since stumbling, recently, upon a Japanese Food Mart nearby and foraging through all their treasures so when I discovered ii-ne-kore - an awesome blog about Japanese design-  I was thrilled! One post in particular grabbed my attention- the stunning food photography in this flickr stream by Bananagranola. Gotta love the Japanese food aesthetic.

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DIY Birdseed Wedding Tosses: Mini Airmail Envelopes- Free Designs | July 13, 2009

DIY Birdseed wedding Tosses: Mini Airmail Envelopes

Much fun was had designing these cute mini packages in the style of airmail envelopes! Fill with birdseed and they can be distributed to guests at your wedding to throw post-ceremony. (The concept being to send their blessings "VIA AIR").  Download your free designs and make them yourself!

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