Festive Inspiration | November 30, 2010

1.  Reindeer garland from Toast

2.  'Le premier noel' card from Attik72  { via design*sponge }

3.  Birch decorations from Venucci

4.  Apple stamp from Kikki K

5.  Wooden ornaments from Maileg

6.  Striped mini pegs from Kikki K

7.  Card and envelope from Specklefarm

8.  Birch votives from Venucci

9.  Teapot from T2 Tea

10. Kissing Friday Dress from Anthropologie

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Interview for Dujour Magazine | November 26, 2010

I'm excited to announce that I've been interviewed in the latest issue of Dujour Magazine! You can see a sneak preview of the very cute 'holiday handmade issue' here. Subscribe for the full copy.

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Tin Candles by Illume | November 25, 2010

Pretty tin candles with gorgeous floral patterns from the Modern Naturals collection by Illume. Great gift idea for the upcoming holidays! 

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Neutrals & Wood | November 24, 2010

1. Donna Wilson cloud cushion spotted at Smallable

2. Birch veneer small pendant light from Cathrine Kullberg

3. Thorsten van Elton white pigeon lamp spotted at Smallable

4. 'Deep Blue Sea'  Summer 2010 collection from Secret Squirrel.

5. 'Clutch me' purse from Handmade by Sara Kim

6. Lewis cushion cover from le train fantôme { via all the mountains }

7. Crocheted raffia stool from Souk Shop

8. Dog softie by Fog Linen Work spotted at Zakka

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Jack and Lulu Calendar 2011 | November 19, 2010

I'm a real sucker for pretty colours. The Jack and Lulu Calendar for 2011. Available at Orange and Pear.

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Zoe de Las Cases | November 17, 2010

Lots of cute goodies at Zoé de Las Cases. In particular, I love these decorative cardboard children- what a quirky idea!

{ via papier mache blog }

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Donna Hay | November 15, 2010

Styling goddess, Donna Hay recently launched her new website. Some cute + irresistable things for parties and entertaining in her online store.

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Typography that makes me smile | November 12, 2010

Top:  'Wonderland' font created with felt tip pens by Eve Duhamel for Fontself

Bottom: 'Tie-pography' created by Ed Nacional. Cards available in his shop!

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Mixed Bag... Nov 11, 2010 | November 11, 2010

1. BookMarc recycled pencil set by Marc Jacobs

2. Monty the Sleepy Fox by Sara Carr.

3. 'Abcission' iPhone / iPad wallpaper for Poolga by Owen Gildersleeve

4. St. Jacques bow tie from Dolbeau

5. Ski goggle hat from Kate Spade

6. One Minute Portraits (Thanks Huey!)

7. Gran's Recipe Wall Flag by Ponyrider

8. Treat your teak from Terrain

9. Beautiful fashion illustration by David Downton

10. Creative type at Handmade Font  ( via Fairspot )

11. Tartan cloud by LIghtly

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Holidays at Lucky Boy Sunday | November 10, 2010

I'm a huge fan of all things Lucky Boy Sunday and their holiday softies are no exception!

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Velvet Bean Cushions | November 09, 2010

Cushions made from upcycled burlap coffee sack! From Velvet Bean.

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Eagerly awaiting... | November 05, 2010

"What on earth are you wearing?" The new book by Michi Girl and follow-up to the brilliant "Like I Give a Frock". Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!

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Mini Interview with Wedding Photographer Jonathan Ong | November 04, 2010

One of the important tasks for my wedding earlier this year was to find a brilliant Melbourne photographer, someone with a unique vision who possessed a passion and keen eye for detail. I stumbled across Jonathan Ong while browsing through Australian wedding blog Polka Dot Bride and was impressed with his quirky and artistic style.

Jonathan recently launched a new website and blog.  "The website is meant to be an experience; a magical journey. I believe an experience cannot be rushed; it must have a relationship with time. The song playing in the background is written by a wonderfully talented friend of mine, Valerie. It's full of heart and I absolutely love what she has come up with. So close your eyes, open your heart, and follow me on a journey of faith, hope and love"

Jonathan was also kind enough to answer a couple of questions for Eat Drink Chic! Continue for my mini interview with Jonathan and to see more of his fabulous work.

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Mouta | November 03, 2010

Cute shop! Check out Mouta.

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Kikki K for Spring | November 02, 2010

Kikki K always has inspiring stationery collections. I love the soft colours and bird motif in her "Var-Spring" collection.

Also loving these apple-themed items in her 'Picnic" collection. How cute is that apple stamp?

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