Short Hiatus | May 31, 2010

Hi all. Due to a family emergency I won't be updating Eat Drink Chic as regularly as usual over the next week or so but will try to do so whenever I get a chance. Thanks so much for your understanding.

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Ink + Wit | May 27, 2010

Really loving all the goodies over at Ink + Wit, especially these animal themed tea towel/ wall hangings.

I'm also digging the "Paris Friends Stamp Set". Very cute.

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My DIY Bridesmaid Thank-you Cards on Once Wed | May 25, 2010

I'm really thrilled today! I've contributed a little DIY project over at the lovely Once Wed where I play with vintage buttons, beautiful paper and toy with my latest obsession- hand-carving rubber stamps!  Go check it out....

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Jewelweeds | May 25, 2010

Check out Jewelweeds for some hand-crafted, eco-friendly homewares sporting these beautiful nature inspired designs in lovely hues.

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Yozocraft | May 24, 2010

Oh my, a whole new set of cute and crafty Japan-made artifacts to explore over here. I'm like a kid in a candy store.

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Retro by Lotta Odelius | May 19, 2010

A 'Retro' collection of kitchen goodies in a fun, bold pattern by Lotta Odelius for Sagaform.

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Milk from a Thistle | May 18, 2010

Cute, graphical fashion from Milk from a Thistle. Hand-printed and made in Australia.

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Donna Wilson Tea Towels | May 17, 2010

New quirkiness from Donna Wilson.

Use my beehive and Use my beard tea towels.

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Cluster of Globes | May 14, 2010

Loving this hanging cluster of globular lanterns and pom poms in this nursery design by photographer Ashley Ann. More in this article here on Oh Dee Doh.

{ via Love. Obsess. Inspire. Photography by Ashley Ann }

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Necklaces from Boden | May 13, 2010

Fun, summery necklaces from Boden.

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Vipers Bugloss Honey | May 11, 2010

A few key things happened after I got married.

A change of title from Miss to Mrs, an update to 'married' on my facebook status, a brief pondering of what will become of my now redundant 'I heart my boyfriend' t-shirt, and the strangest of all-  a sudden and inexplicable explosion of sweet and sugary foods in my diet.

I kid you not, the day immediately after the wedding, it was sugar overload.

Although I've heard of the phenomenon, I've always thought myself immune to the seductive advances of the 'I can finally let myself go now that I'm married' club but, seriously, what other explanation can there be?

This sunny Tuesday afternoon I succumbed to the temptation of delicious honey from New Zealand brand J. Friend and Co. which I acquired during a Saturday shopping trip to Simon Johnson. I was drawn to the pretty packaging and interesting varieties with odd little names like 'Vipers Bugloss' that I struggle to pronounce. The poetic description on the back reads 'light pollen and floral notes with a distinctive vanilla taste'. Sounds good right? Well, boy is it ever. It can be eaten straight from the jar. No need for useless intermediary items like toast or crackers... or a spoon. Nuh-uh.

However, I can't go past the combination of honey and lemon tea. One of my faves.

For a less conventional serving suggestion (that I discovered only just today) -place a generous dollop of honey directly onto a slice of lemon and enjoy. Where has this concept been my whole life?

{ photos by amy moss }

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Rie Elise Larsen | May 10, 2010

Loving all the bright colours and patterns in these products by Rie Elise Larsen. How cute are the paper lampshades! So much more to check out here.

{ via lushlee }

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A DIY Christmas Outtake | May 07, 2010

Now, I'm no seamstress. Far from it, in fact. I do, however, have a thing for fabrics. I'm amassing a collection that will soon take over the world.

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Necklaces by Cheri Messerli | May 05, 2010

I like this collection by Cheri Messerli.

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Coral and Tusk | May 04, 2010

Some lovely things here.

{ via papier mache blog }

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Olive Manna | May 03, 2010

Why is it that when I look at these paper goods from Olive Manna I feel so happy?

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