Time for a Change | October 07, 2012

When things take on a decidedly rut-like quality, It's time for a fresh new beginning!

That is why I will be taking the rest of the month off from updating Eat Drink Chic. My plan is to dedicate this time to a complete re-design of this site. I feel it's been a long time coming.

I would also like to tackle some larger projects which, in my efforts to update this site as frequently as possible, have been continuously pushed aside in favour of smaller, quicker ones. The time away will give me the opportunity to finally sink my teeth into these!

I look forward to returning to regular updates on November 1st and diving into this holiday season with (hopefully!) a brand new site and some great new content for you!

See you in November! xo



For those interested in advertising on Eat Drink Chic, you can book a placement for any time after November 1st. Check out this page for sponsorship details.

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Sukie and Springtime | October 04, 2012

The spring weather has finally hit in full force! And although I try REALLY hard not to completely inundate this blog with happy snaps of Sukie, I simply can't help myself! I'm a hopelessly smitten doggy parent.

Sukie is largely an inside dog. However, with all the glorious weather we've been having lately, she's spending more and more time outdoors- basking in the sunshine, playing with her beloved new soccer ball and shamelessly scamming the occasional belly rub from suckers passers by. 

Her idea of heaven is when all three activities are performed simultaneously in one epic Sukie-appreciation-fest.

The only thing that could top the experience is the inclusion of chicken.

Happy Friday all! xo

{ all photos by Amy Moss }

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FREE Printable 'Let's Do Cocktails' Cards | October 03, 2012

As promised, here's the final installment in the "Let's Do" series. Go forth and make cocktail dates with your friends!

EDIT OCT 5th: Ok, so here's the thing. Turns out I accidently used an older version of the card in the photo shoot which is why the lettering is different in this photo as compared to the PDF artwork. Whoops! Anyway, I've now included both versions for you to download. Apologies!

Read on to download your freebies!

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Moda Barcelona by Citta Design | October 03, 2012

Once again, Citta Design provides us with another inspiring summer collection packed with soooo many swoon-worthy items!

Above is my attempt to cram some of my favourites (too many!!) into a montage... 

You can't help but be put in a festive, summery mood when you look at all these colourful details! Combined with all this warm weather we've been having lately... I'd say it's time for a party!

{ all photos from the Citta Design website }

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