Mixed Bag... May 30, 2012 | May 30, 2012

{ Dress } from Summer 2012 collection from Kling. Check out their cute campaign with photos by Adrian Gonzalez.

Free patterned { tape strip } clip art from Pugly Pixel

Ceramic { owl } cookie jar from Hello Polly

Colourblock { ballet flats } from J.Crew. Check out the whole colourful range of ballet flats at their Ballet Boutique.

'Stardust I' sparkly { camera strap } from Bloom Theory. Check out all their gorgeous straps! (via Daydream Lily)

Purple 'warped triangle' hardwood { iphone cover } from A Skulk of Foxes.  Check out all their pretty geometric patterned covers

{ Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones } book by kris Hoogerhyde, Anne Walker and Dabney Gough from Amazon*

{ Gold heart card } from Brown Paper

Marion { shoe } in Whiskey from Merchant

Mason Jar { drink dispenser } from Pottery Barn

Black eyelash print Luisa { tote } from Lulu Guinness


* Please note, I'm an Amazon affiliate which means I receive a very small percentage of any sales made when you follow an Amazon link from my site.

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Collier Campbell | May 30, 2012

Stunning hand-painted designs for silk scarves, cushions, mugs, totes and stationery from Collier Campbell.

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Bright flats from Office | May 29, 2012

I mentioned the cute molly toe cap in my last post, but you should also check out some of the other lovely bright flats from Office.

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Mad About Pink | May 28, 2012

Delicata pencil { skirt } from Anthropologie (I'm in love with this!!)

Electric pink neon aztec  { earrings } from Love Sexton (via plenty of colour)

Pink { Neon Nail polish } from American Apparel

Molly toe cap { shoes } in natural and pink from Office

{ Ice-cream } card from Charlotte Love

Pink Happy { Bag } from Dooney and Bourke

Jarritos guava flavoured { soda }

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Gorgeous silk scarves | May 28, 2012

Don't these beautiful silk scarves from Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre look amazing!

{ photography by Maxime Ballesteros }

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Postcard set from Lemonni | May 24, 2012

Very cute postcard set from Lemonni. Love the little hand-painted touches of gold.

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Pretty tea cups | May 24, 2012

I thought I'd do a little round-up of some gold and silver rimmed pastel coloured tea cups that I've encountered on my travels recently- 'cos they're pretty.

Typo | Mor | T2 | Cristina Re | T2 | Limoges

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Fluoro Fun at Anthropologie | May 23, 2012

Dear Anthropologie, when will you be coming to Australia? Yours sincerely, Amy.

{ photo from Anthropologie website }

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I've joined Facebook! | May 22, 2012

I've taken my sweet time about it but Eat Drink Chic has finally joined Facebook!

I will now be posting notifications of all blog updates on my facebook page.

Please drop by to "Like" my page and I'll love you forever.

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Egg cups from Mozi | May 22, 2012

I've decided that these cute egg cups from Mozi are definitely on the wishlist.

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Sideshow Sign Co. | May 18, 2012

Go grab yourself a supremely awesome, fully-customisable marquee or wood lettering sign from Sideshow Sign Co. You know you want to.

I promise to be jealous.

{ photos from Sideshow Sign Co. website }

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Mixed Bag... May 17, 2012 | May 17, 2012

Marshmallow { scented candle } from Mor

Peacock { bedhead } from Naturally Cane

Caf coffee { cup with gold handle } from Citta Design

Batik { coffee scoop } from Leif

'Nice Cushy' { cushion } from Typo

'Talons' { nail polish } from Gorman

{ Bracelet } from Sassari

Flamingo { necklace } from Bellissima

{ Clutch } from Amigonstro

Folk damask { Notewriter set } from SusyJack*

Whiskey 'Farrell' { Shoes } from Merchant

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Miranda Skoczek | May 16, 2012

LOVE the work of Miranda Skoczek.

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Mixed Bag... May 11, 2012 | May 11, 2012

Mini me { envelopes } from Typo

La sardinia beach editions { camera } from Lomography { via design work life }

Bamboo { salad servers } from sunnyLIFE

Pink iced { donut } from Donut King ( my regular thursday afternoon treat!)

Barry M { nail paint }

Anita 3/4 sleeve stripe { dress } from Alice + Olivia

Mirror mirror { vanity } from Urban Outfitters

Vintage { Harpers Bazaar } cover

Free downloadable { candy } party favour boxes (by me!)

Cristina Re signature { teacups }

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DIY 'Gold Dipped' Notebooks by Eat Sleep Cuddle | May 09, 2012

Take a look at this nifty DIY craft project by Whitney from eat sleep cuddle. Beautiful.

{ via sugar and cloth. photos from eat sleep cuddle }

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Breathtaking... | May 09, 2012

Oh my, these photos by Nick Meek are STUNNING. They make me so happy that I just want to sit and stare at them all day. However, it occurs to me that this may not be the most productive use of my time. *Grinning from ear to ear*.

See more here!

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Fab Four... | May 08, 2012

{ ONE } Vintage Perrier poster by Bernard Villemot from Galerie Montmatre

{ TWO } Woven thong sandals from Zara (Hey, did you know that Zara is opening up in Chaddy soon?)

{ THREE } I'm in love with this Petrie leather couch from Crate and Barrel

{ FOUR } Cushion by Scholten and Baijings

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Don't try this at home... | May 04, 2012

When you're out of sugar, settle for the old-fashioned solution. Wander next door and politely ask your neighbour if you can borrow a cupful.

Never attempt to sweeten your tea with rainbow sprinkles*. Unless, of course, you enjoy a delightful, brown sludge surprise at the bottom of your teacup.

'Twas a whimsical notion, nonetheless.

* Thanks to hubby Mark who discovered this the hard way.

{ photo by Amy Moss }

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Alice and Olivia | May 04, 2012

A super gorgeous collection of short shorts from Alice and Olivia.  Also, wouldn't you love to strut around in that stripey maxi?

...and the scarves are pretty cute too!

{ photos from Alice + Olivia website }

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Bed Linen by Hay | May 02, 2012

Isn't this bed linen kinda nice? Designed by Scholten and Baijings for Hay. Spotted at Finnish Design Shop.

Loving the S&B tea towels also...

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