6 Pretty Things... July 19, 2012 | July 19, 2012

Color Reform rug from ABC Carpet and Home

Chloe metallic leather ballet flats from Net-A-Porter ( via Katie Armour)

Lacquer trays from Iomoi

Apple and Pear Pinch bowl set from Leif

Bleu D'Chine bowls (set of 4) from Couleur Nature

Capri blue candle in a jar from Anthropologie

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Nail Polish Rainbow | July 18, 2012

Yes, I did take a moment today to arrange my collection of nail polish colours into a pretty rainbow.

it simply had to be done.

{ photos by Amy Moss }

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Saint Folly | July 17, 2012

Some very sweet cards from Saint Folly

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School's In | July 13, 2012

I picked up a copy of the latest issue of Real Living magazine yesterday and was excited to read about Abigail Ahern and her luscious interior styling! 

As a graphic designer, 2d design is more my specialty, so bring on the caffeine, the sugary donuts and the super-steep learning curve!  I'm voraciously ploughing through magazines and books and soaking up as much information about interior styling as I can.

Abigail has some really great tips for breaking the rules in interiors. I love her mix of quirky and surprising elements, her penchant for spray painting in high gloss colour (that desk is amazing!) and her bold use of oversized objects. She uses dark colours to achieve great dramatic effect- with layers of texture and pattern and these sudden pops of bright colour. Oh my, I'm smitten.

Watch this video where she meets The Selby and check out her gorgeous East London home! You can see the Real Living article here and more pics of her home on The Selby.

And in other news....

Yes, we bought a new couch... and it's awesome. I was in two minds about posting a pic before I had finished styling it up to my satisfaction. This is the work-in-progress version. I generally hate showing people things before I've finished, but I've bitten the bullet. I'm determined to document more of my decorating journey on this blog. As you can see you've caught the couch in a colour-crazy stage in it's evolution!

Although I'm still very much at the start of this journey and have a long way to go to complete our home, I have already learned how essential it is to only buy furniture and objects that you absolutely LOVE. Sometimes it's so tempting to buy a piece because it 'fits' well and you're eager to finish off a space but it's so much more rewarding if you wait it out until you find something that really makes you HAPPY because everytime you look at it, you get to feel that joy all over again. Imagine an entire home filled to the brim with objects that create that effect!

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April Look | July 12, 2012

Yummy accessories for men. By April Look.

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Handful of Heart | July 11, 2012

How cute are these gloves? From yastik izi

{ via frankie }

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Inspiration for the home | July 10, 2012

{ 01 } Cushions from left to right- Bonnie and Neil, Ankasa, Niki Jones, Bonnie and Neil, Toast 

{ 02 } Lazy Susan lotus resin taupe container from Zinc Door

{ 03 } Essex Sofa from Crate and Barrel

{ 01 } Zagora rug from Anthropologie

{ 02 } Bell Jar lamp from Old Faithful

{ 03 } Genova side table from Anthropologie

{ 04 } Vintage pink candle holders from Luna Bazaar

{ 05 } Orbit side table from Zinc Door

{ 06 } Lazy Susan gold hammered pillar candle from Zinc Door

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Best in Park | July 09, 2012

I can't help but melt when I see a dog in a bow-tie, especially a dachshund! 

Best in Park have some very smart and stylish dog accessories... and I'm loving those stripey collars!

{ photos from Best in Park website }

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6 pretty things... | July 06, 2012

{ ONE } In Summery top from Modcloth

{ TWO } Chalkboard Spice Jars from Anthropologie

{ THREE} Psychedelic Oxfords from J.Crew

{ FOUR } Mint green Bobbin Birdie bicycle from Bobbin Bicycles 

{ FIVE } Emma Cleine Mandala cushions from Crate Expectations

{ SIX } Back and forth bobbi pins from ban.do

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Bits of Happy... July 5, 2012 | July 05, 2012

Sometimes you've really just gotta spill all your ultra-girly, pretty pastel and sparkly goodies out onto a table and take a photo, yaknow?  The result will make you smile.

{ photo by amy moss }

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Mixed Bag... July 4, 2012 | July 04, 2012

Slim { jeans } in mauve from Arnsdorf

Lights out { pillow } from Kate Spade

Magic { mouse } from Apple

Gold { Havaianas } Club Monaco

Bow to stern { mustard dot scarf } in mustard dots from Modcloth 

Fashion { photography } from Erika Astrid Photography { via Daydream Lily }

Goldie Moroccan { handbag } from Club Monaco

Suvali { scarf } from Club Monaco

Pansy { sandals } from Seychelles

Madeline { chair } from Urban Outfitters

e.l.f essentials { nail polish } in mint cream from e.l.f Cosmetics

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So good to be home | July 03, 2012

Feels so good to be home from our trip, despite the fact we're returning to the cold and rain.

It seems like no matter how much you are enjoying you holiday, it always gets to a point where you start to miss all the comforts and the familiarity of home.

And boy did I miss my baby...

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The Family Love Tree | July 02, 2012

I'm slightly obsessed with rattan furniture at the moment. Pretty soon it will take over the entire house. I spotted The Family Love Tree on Design*Sponge and was delighted to find out they're an Australian based company!

I want that bedhead.

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A Peace Treaty | June 26, 2012

Such gorgeous scarves in the Spring/Summer collection from A Peace Treaty.

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Travelgrams | June 20, 2012

Psst... I'm documenting our travels through Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, as frequently as I can, on Instagram if you want to take a peek...

Our first stop was Portland. We were only there for a few days but, I have to say, I've become a huge fan of Portland and all its quirks. I love the generally relaxed, laid-back feel, the rustic dining, the insanely polite drivers, the ice-cream, the donuts, the food carts... I even don't mind waiting in the long queues that constantly stream out of 'hip' destinations (while surrounding establishments remain mysteriously empty).  Oh, and I LOVE how there are so many dog-friendly hotels. Although, seeing so many dogs makes me miss my Sukie even more!

So now we're currently in Seattle... and still getting a feel for the place.

I'll be back soon with more trip related updates that will include some of my favourite cafes, shops and restaurants that we've visited along the way...


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Travel Chic | June 14, 2012

Mark and I are jetting off to the U.S. tomorrow! We're going to be visiting Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. We'll then be heading up to Canada to visit Vancouver, BC.

Flying is really not my favourite thing in the world, but accessoring for the journey can make things a little more bearable! The following are some items that I either a) bought for the journey or b) fantasised about getting for the journey. The majority of which, unfortunately, fall into the latter category.

Safari collection { suitcases } from Globe-trotter.

Pastel Geo { scarf } from Topshop. (Is it just me or are planes always freezing! I'll definitely be bringing a warm scarf for the journey)

Organic pomegranate { lip balm } from Figs and Rouge. (A possible remedy for all that awful, dry cabin air.)

How cute is this { laptop case } from Ted Baker?

The comfiest sequined { bed socks } from Peter Alexander. (I actually splurged on a pair of these for the trip. I believe a 14 hour flight is solid justification.)

Cute pink polka dot { cosmetic bag } from Gorman. (Gorman really needs to stop tempting me with all their pretty goodies.)

So, just so you know, although I'm away over the next couple of weeks I will still be updating Eat Drink Chic whenever I can!

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Carven Summer 2012 | June 12, 2012

Ahhh, the prettiness that is the Carven Summer 2012 collection... Love the yummy patterns.

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Ted Baker Shorts | June 08, 2012

I'm in love with all things Ted Baker at the moment. These gorgeous 'Gleeso' shorts are no exception.

I'm really loving the way they're used in the ensemble shown above from Fashion Gone Rogue. Wardrobe styling is by Alvin Stillwell. Photography is by Kathryn Hancock. Hair and makeup is by Megumi Wakabayashi and the beautiful model depicted here is is Savannah DiMarco. You can see the whole series of images here.

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Calourette | June 07, 2012

You may think you can eat this jewellery.... but don't.

From Calourette.

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Juliette Hogan Winter 2012 | June 06, 2012

Loving these elegant, neutral creations from the latest collection of Juliette Hogan

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