60's Vintage Fabrics | April 05, 2010

I'm so inspired by the bright colours and bold patterns in these 60's vintage Scandinavian fabrics collected by Giddy Giddy. Don't they look amazing all together?

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  1. lovely lovely lovely :) ?
  2. That is a whole lot of big color fun.

    Another favorite of mine is the German wallpapers, that have similar prints but, mostly brown, and on a enormously over sized scale.
  3. I'd love-love-love to make a quilt with fabric like this. Of course, I don't know how to quilt, but if I had this fabric I'd certainly learn.
  4. beautiful, colorful patterns!!
  5. What lovely vintage fabrics. I hope to find some like these.
  6. oh wow they are so beautiful..like a ray of 60's sunshine...ummmm yumm
  7. love the colors and the prints... Scandinavians have such a great sense of style!
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  9. This fabric was great for the textile industry. The fabric used nowadays is not so much liked by the textile industry and for all the right reasons.
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