A Cool Palette | March 02, 2011


01.  'Everybody on the Floral' necklace from Make Believe

02.  Card and envelope from Specklefarm

03.  Mr & Mrs Muse mugs from Jonathan Adler

04.  Retro Fridge from Smeg

05.  Cayenne Dress (grey) from Kling

06.  Turquoise 'Le Versha' chair from Anthropologie

07.  Harlequin socks from Kate Spade

08.  Ruffle pillow from H&M

09.  Heart cup and saucer from The Spoon Sisters

10.  Postcards from Specklefarm

11.  Megan Miller 'Caribbean' nail polish from Anthropologie

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  1. I love it all, especially the fridge! Awesome spread!!
  2. really pretty collection, so nice for spring. I've been looking for those heart cup + saucers everywhere.
  3. Love all these colors. The mugs are so cute!
  4. Love it!!
  5. Great taste and nice colour combination! Love it!!
  6. Very cool indeed! Can just imagine this palette at a lovely, chic wedding.
  7. I will sit on 06 while sipping 03 as I doodle on 10 and gaze at my fingertips painted in 11. the coolest palette in the world...
  8. i love everything on this list! u got my fave colour there!
  9. Oh my, love the colours
  10. stunning colors! love the retro fridge
  11. Love this cool colored collage! Great finds! My favorites? Hmm it's a tie between the Mr. and Mrs. mugs and the green and white striped stationery--both adorable!
  12. i want a mint green retro fridge :-) love these picks!
  13. Great colours and I love those mugs! Stephie x
  14. Stunning and timeless colour palette. These would be ideal colours for my new home!
  15. Everything is wonderfully feminine and pretty, but I especially the heart tea cup and the Mr. & Mrs. mugs! They're almost shamefully cute.
  16. gorgeous! seriously digging that retro fridge!

  17. Love this color palette and all the images you pulled..so lovely!
  18. I just discovered your blog. I LOVE it. Everything is so super cute. I love the Postcards from specklefarm.

    Take care,
  19. I love cool colors like these! Perfect for spring and summer!
  20. Ok...I just absolutely LOVE the Mr. and Mrs. Muse mugs! Everything else is beautiful too...great color choices.
  21. love this shade of blue and green! great color combo. thanks for sharing!
  22. I loved everything in this post! I die over retro fridges!!!
  23. Oh, those mugs and dress are gorgeous. :D
  24. Live the bottle of nail polish from anthro! This is such a visually appealing post:)
  25. so creative mind only few people have this is
    gods gift to you
    God bless you for such a Great gift work
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