A Fresh Coat of Paint | April 13, 2010

Well, it took awhile to dry but I'm really loving Eat Drink Chic's brand new coat of paint. I'm calling it the 'Sexy Salmon' edition. Feels like a brand new home.

Speaking of homes, have you met Constance? She's a cute vintage caravan for hire and she's mighty photogenic.

Constance was featured in this cute little book called My Cool Caravan with pictures by Hilary Walker.

Me-oh-my HIlary takes some adorable photographs.

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  1. happiest caravan i've EVER seen in my life! so awesome!
  2. Oeeee! I want one! This makes me think of a tree house, only its on the ground! Wow! Great Job!
  3. Love the new look... understated but fun. You are definitely rocking the masking tape.
  4. great new look... it always makes you refreshed!!! love them images too... come over to my blog and participate on my latest giveaway... have a lovely day!
  5. Golly, these are not the caravans I stayed in as a kid! Very twee. Makes me want to move back to Enland just for the holiday.

    Love the new look.
  6. wow i'm loving the new layout! the colors scream spring and i love how the "eat" looks like masking tape--well done! :)
  7. I loved the old eat drink chic, but i love the redesign too. especially the colours - tres magnifique! and speaking of colours, i think that green and red together (on/in the caravan) are perfect. it reminds me of the cover of orangette's book, A Homemade Life.
  8. the new look is lovely! i'm a sucker for pink... or anything close:) i don't think you understand how bummed i am that those rentals aren't in the us. i was already planning all of the fun photo shoots, ha:)
  9. So cute and the new look on your site is so fresh. LOVE IT! I want a caravan project!
  10. Loving the new look! And SO want to pop on my gingham dress and drink a milkshake in that caravan! Gorgeous! :)
  11. LOVE the new look! Very soft and pretty. and love the new header toooooo
    Also, congrats on the surprise wedding! It was just beautiful :)
  12. I bought a caravan last week. German caravans almost boooooooring! I´m crafting since two weeks for the inside-decorating. So MANY THANKS FOR THIS LINK. I will order this book today!

    XOXO Kerstin
  13. I would love love love to travel on this cozy little mobile home! Lovely! ?
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