A Recipe for Happiness | August 09, 2011

It has recently come to my attention that the combination of pretty novelty chocolate, shiny+glittery hats and a collection of colourful felt balls = happy!

So, if you're out and about in Melbourne and you're looking for some cheering up, here's where to go:

  • Simón Coll Umbrella Chocolates from 'The Department' ( a new and interesting concept store) in Prahran
  • Glitter hat from Woolworths (pick up some munchies while you're there) in Kew
  • Felt balls from The Colour Lab ( lots of pretty colourful things ) in Prahran
  • Happy Birthday candles from Daiso ( could spend hours in this cute japanese store. everything is $2.80! ) in Westfield Doncaster.

{ photography by Amy Moss }

posted under: Food, Found Objects, Gift Ideas, Melbourne Chic, Parties, storytelling


  1. Well,you're definitely onto something.I feel happier just by looking at these.Now if only I was in Melbourne... :)
  2. Now I'll just need more excuses to break out a glittery hat. That pink is divine!
  3. I wish I could find those things in Paris ! ?
  4. these things would make me happy too :)!

  5. Those felt balls are the cutest things ever! And I don't think I could be anything but gloriously happy in a glittery hat!
  6. That is indeed a recipe for happiness! I've got the felt balls and plenty of chocolate, now to just find myself a fabulous glittery hat in Berlin and I'm all set!
  7. What great finds! They do make you happy!


    Rocio R.
  8. just those photos make me happy! so colorful! :)
  9. A recipe for a party! Throw the felt balls as confetti maybe?
  10. You always make me feel like pretty and summery color are easy to pull off. Makes me want to dress (live) more nicely (:
  11. Kerri | Aug 11, 2011
    Where is 'the department'? I would love to visit.
  12. Hi Kerri, "The Department" is a pretty new store and unfortunately I haven't been able to find a website for it yet. It's 250 High St, Windsor (sorry, I think I said it was in Prahran! close!) It's worth checking out- some interesting things.
  13. So true! Is it wrong that glittery hats always make me want to break out in song and dance?
  14. Wow went to that Daiso store but didn't spot the candles! Right, definitely must check those out + the cute umbrella chocs!! :)
  15. adorable!
  16. Me and my sister love your blog its breathtaking. I especially love this post because my birthday is coming up and i definitely want to buy those HATS! stay chic :)

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