A Wilderness For You and Me | August 17, 2010

Love these cute handmade gift tags from A Wilderness For You and Me.

posted under: Gift Ideas, Stationery, Vintage Style


  1. These are wonderful!
  2. oh man, these are too amazing. LOVE.
  3. These are really creative.
  4. I LOVE these tags! I'll go check the site. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Came across your amazing blog from Chic Mother and Baby!
  6. jillian m. | Aug 18, 2010
    How cute! They would make good bookmarks, too.
  7. Curiously cute.

  8. Amy, I love your blog - it's so beautiful I could eat it! I am loving these tags, so original :)
  9. oh, these tags are great - love them! Thanks for sharing!
  10. my goodness, i absolutly love these.
    thank you for sharing.
    i hope you dont mind that i added you as one of my favorite places to go in my blog.
    lots of love,
  11. so Great job good lovely design you are no1 in the field
  12. These handmade gift tags are amazing and so cute. I have been looking for some gifts on buy essay online reviews and finally found some. I hope these will be as pretty in real life and that my frineds like these.
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