Afternoon Sugar Fix: Rose Syrup | July 31, 2009

Rose Syrup

Growing up in a family that originally hailed from Singapore I was extremely blessed to be exposed to the wonders of Rose Syrup. I love this stuff!

Rose Syrup apparently originated in Singapore and as far as I'm concerned, Singapore's T.G Kiat and Co. is the best brand to get! Established in 1935, the company have obviously tried to retain an air of tradition in their branding with their awesome vintage label.

I have yet to find a syrup that compares and we've only found one asian grocery store in Melbourne that stocks it. If you've never tried the stuff, I urge you to hunt it down. I think it's the perfect summer drink, a unique idea for entertaining and definitely the perfect afternoon pick me up!(In fact, I"m having a glass right now!)

Simon Johnson Rose Syrup

I recently found Mymouné Rose Syrup online from Simon Johnson (above)- It's a Lebanese brand. I've never tried it before but I'm intensely curious to see how it compares. It also has a pretty cool label! If anyone has tried it please let me know if it's any good.

Happy friday afternoon!

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  1. Does it taste or smell like roses?
  2. It does! Well, having never actually eaten a rose I can't be 100% certain but let's just say it tastes (and smells) like how a rose smells ;-)
  3. Cara | Aug 2, 2009
    I love Rose syrup. :) A glass of chilled rose syrup drink on a hot afternoon is the best. <3
  4. Mmmm, that sounds divine! I'll have to try and track some down...
  5. Sindy | Sep 16, 2009
    Hi Amy I am from Singapore! Came across your lovely website and didn't know you were here in Sg previously! I studied in Brisbane and didn't find any rose syrup there. Have you tried adding condensed milk to it? It will taste good!
  6. Hi Sindy- yeah, my parents are originally from Singapore so I was exposed to a lot of interesting asian food growing up! Have to admit though, I'm not a huge fan of consensed milk so I've never actually tried it with Rose Syrup before.
  7. ts | Feb 7, 2010
    hi can you please tell me the address of the asian store that sells it in melbourne.
    i really love this brand but couldn't find it anywhere
  8. Hi ts- I asked my mother about this and apparently the store in Dandenong no longer sells this brand- or at least, she hasn't seen it there for a long time now! It's such a pity because I know of no other place in Melbourne that stocks it! Sorry!:(
  9. Rin | Mar 10, 2010
    I bought the last bottle of Delicious Rose Syrup from India at Home in Barkly St Footscray on Sunday.
  10. Hi there, I was writing a blog about lychee and strawberry granita with rose syrup. Serching about rose syrup and found your page on the web! Your images look fab and I'd like to try Simon Johnson one too - anyway, I would want to add a link to my site if possible. If any problem, could you let me know please? I shall come back again to read your exciting posts!
  11. Lea | Oct 28, 2010
    I was just going through your old posts and saw Mymoune syrup. I am from Lebanon and have rose syrup every morning in summer, it is so refreshing.
    Mymoune also happens to be owned by family friends. I am so proud to see it posted here.
    All their labels are amazing :)

    <3 eat drink chic !
  12. geisa | Oct 18, 2012
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  13. Vijay | Jun 29, 2013
    Hi Amy, I know this is an old thread but I've found TG Kiat syrup stocked at Hong Kong Groceries in Clayton. Just bought one to try. I'm from Singapore too but never tried it believe it or not! I'm a big fan of F&N rose syrup back home but it's not available here. Closest I've found is MD Sherbet Syrup from Sri Lanka. You can find it and some Indian & Sri Lankan grocery stores.
  14. Hi Vijay- thanks for letting me know about the Clayton store- do you happen to know which ones? My mum, in particular, would love to know! I hope you enjoyed it! :)
  15. Shada | May 26, 2014
    Hi, I love this brand of Rose Syrup, been having it since i was a kid, I am from Dubai and some years ago they stopped stocking it up in the supermarkets here, but last year i found an indian supermarket in old Dubai called Madhur, they sell it. sadly they are out of stock and don't even know if and when they will get new stock from the supplier, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping they don't discontinue it again, it is the best out there, no other can compare,
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