Alice and Olivia | May 04, 2012

A super gorgeous collection of short shorts from Alice and Olivia.  Also, wouldn't you love to strut around in that stripey maxi?

...and the scarves are pretty cute too!

{ photos from Alice + Olivia website }

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  1. I love that maxi dress, cute shorts and yellow heels. :)
  2. Fun colors! I'm so ready for summer.
  3. lovely colors and photo scenery! and a great story behind the creator of 'Alice + Olivia'...
  4. So loving on that striped maxi - perfect for layering through Winter, and strutting around the pool in Summer!
  5. I totally love Alice + Olivia, I did a post on my blog about the new collection too :)

    I wish those dresses cost a little bit less!
  6. Ohhh it's gorgeous ! I like ! :)
  7. Im not the biggest fan of Alice and Olivia but I'm liking all the geometric shapes form this collection

  8. Gorgeous picks, amazing scarf patterns!
  9. THe colors are fabulous and I love Alice and Olivia! Love it!! Happy weekend :) If you get a chance I relaunched my blog and would love to get your thoughts!! All things food, fashion and marriage. xx
  10. I love all the clothes in this photoshoot!Especially those pink shoes!
  11. these images have me so excited for summer. beautiful colors.
  12. What a lovely pictures!

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  13. I Love!
  14. Nice post Thanks a lot for sharing
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