All things pretty | July 28, 2010


Pretty in pink, pastels and patterns...

1. Junior Daschund bookends from Jonathan Adler

2. Mathilde Tablerunner by Greengate Copenhagen from  Mit Hus Home

3. Organic Weekend tote from ABC Kitchen

4. Set of fabric coasters from Shim & Sons

5. Pandora Bell handmade lollipops with packaging design by Studio Output

6. Blomst Paper Cups from Mit Hus Home

7. Set of No.2 'Love' pencils from ABC Kitchen

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  1. Oh yes! ALL things pretty! What a cute bookends and I love those coasters! And those handmade lollipops - so great!
  2. Those pencils would make the sweetest wedding favors...guests could write you "love letters" with them too!
  3. Love these selections, especially the pink green lollipop - it would be heaven if that is a combination of strawberry and mint!
  4. I love those paper cups, so cute for a outdoor summer brunch! Great selection of goodies!
  5. ahh everything is so lovely and pretty ! you find the best stuff

  6. I love everything! Beautiful.
  7. lovely colours and products. love it
  8. these are the sweetest finds !
  9. danni / hellofriend. | Jul 30, 2010
    those floral cups are the cutest!!! i want to order some for my wedding ;) xo.
  10. Oh, wow, these are all so cute!! Your blog is full of inspiration :)
  11. Beautiful clothes! I love all the outfits!

    Have a nice week!

  12. Love your site. Just curious, how do you make the above post? I'm relatively new to creating posts - i would love to post something in a similar format.

  13. I love the "love" pencils, but I can't find them on ABC Kitchen's website. Help?
  14. Sarah- You're right, they seem to have disappeared from the catalogue! They still have a link to them but the product page is missing. Not sure what's going on there. :(
  15. ooo i love it! gosh you have the eye to find the perfect things :)
  16. Breanna | Aug 27, 2010
    The "love" pencils are adorable. I also couldn't find them on the ABC Kitchens website. Which is a bummer because I wanted to purchase them :(
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