Apples & Jam | March 08, 2011

With a strong focus on eco-friendly practice and design, Apples and Jam in South Melbourne looks like a wonderful new space that hosts fun, crafty and creative parties for kids. They also provide children's classes and playgroups.


Love the stylish, 'outdoor picnic' inspired space! Makes me wish I was a kid again...

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  1. i like the simplicity of this space, comes out very natural and rustic. i'd love to have a party here!
  2. Makes me want to move to Melbourne!!!
    C'mon Perth!
    xx Stacey
  3. this is so sweet! i want my birthday party here, love it!
  4. Can big kids have their parties here too?! It's so lovely! Happy Wednesday, Stephie x
  5. awww... i wish i have a shp now, and it looks like this!
    { }
  6. Ohh the decor is just dreamy!
  7. oh my gosh. AH-dorable
  8. the benches with the little circle cushions are so inviting. what a great space and project!
  9. such a gorgeous space amy! i'm going to have to visit...!
  10. Yes me too. Love bringing in branches and have always dreamed of having an entire tree inside!

    x Charlotta
  11. jody | Mar 10, 2011
    Wow, looks amazing! think i'll take my kids along to playgroup there. or some art classes! thanks for sharing!
  12. really lovely!
  13. Oh, if only I was 8!
  14. I LOVE all the perfectionist organization! Now if only I could have a space that lovely...

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow - it looks amazing. Wish i lived in Melbourne. Bring one to sydney please!
  16. Wow! I just love the way you've decorated. It's fun and colorful with plenty to look at without feelling at all cluttered. I especially like the randomly placed birdhouses! :)
  17. Sarah | Mar 14, 2011
    Wow, what an amazing and creative space. Makes me wish I was little again.
  18. This is a brilliant concept for a children's venue. I loved it so much that I featured it on my site as well. Thanks for the introduction.
  19. Those seat cushions are so adorable! Wish we had one of those places in Cali =)

  20. I love it! So nice
  21. What a cute children's party venue! I love it! Wish we had something like that in Austin!
  22. Bess | Mar 17, 2011
    Ohhh, it is so inspiring. If I could open a place with this style in my city I would it. In our country it is very dificult to see places like that.
  23. So sweet.
    Cute, practical & easy to do. You make me feel that 'eco-friendly' is not too hard to go along with.
  24. I love this! Great style, so chic and fun :) also I love your blog I take a gander almost every other day!!
  25. so creative mind only few people have this is
    gods gift to you
    God bless you for such a Great gift work
  26. The room is decorated so cute and creative with the small jams.
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  28. Marchant | Mar 20, 2019
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