Arkiva Tropika | March 22, 2012


I probably spent a good half hour today scrolling through this awesome collection of yummy paper ephemera from tropical (or tropical themed) bars, restaurants, hotels and the like... Definitely worth a look!

posted under: Drink, Parties, Vintage Style


  1. This is awesome! Summer needs to hurry up!
  2. What fun! I love these illustrations!
  3. Hah, the little sayings are pretty humorous as well!
  4. Thanks so much for sharing! love the illustrations!
  5. I love the illustrations as well as the text. Totally put me into summer mood.
  6. These illustrations are adorable, and so fresh ! I love :)
  7. I want summer so badly!
  8. This is just too good, too good!! You have the best finds and taste.
  9. Thanks for the fun find at Arkiva Tropika. I loved it!
  10. It is an really impressive post and i would like to share it.
  11. Nice post Thanks a lot for sharing
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