Artwork at LEIF | February 22, 2013

Some gorgeous artwork over at Leif.

(Top two artworks are by Xochi Solis. Bottom two are by Malissa Ryder.)

posted under: Artwork, Gift Ideas, Home Décor


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  2. Love the colors on these! I think the top right is my fave - so different and interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Marisa | Feb 23, 2013
    Love them! My favorites are the two on the left. Thanks for sharing!
  4. blue roses | Feb 25, 2013
    those first two paintings remind me of a surrealist easter hat, that some chic but deranged women would wear to church. i love them. such a wonderful expression of color and texture!
  5. I really loved the art work by Xochi Solis. Great creativity. Thanks for sharing.
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  21. I like two artworks in square more, but all of them are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!
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