B is for Blue | January 11, 2011

01 Blue plate from Perfect Pieces

02 Crisp Folded Dress by Marnie Skillings

03 3d Petal Pouffe from Marks and Spencer

04 Mast Brothers Chocolate packaging, via Lovely Package

05 Colour Etch Letters from Urban Outfitters

06 Mrs Godfrey Chair from Jonathan Adler

07 Petal Shoes from Kling

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  1. Lovely shades. The shoes are incredible.
  2. Oh goodness I love everything! The detail on the letter and oh my those shoes! I thought the chocolate was a stack of sheets or something at first, pretty wrapping though.
  3. Petal Pouffe! Genius...I need one of those x
  4. Love this chair!!!
  5. Lovely. You can never go wrong with blue.
  6. Natasha | Jan 11, 2011
    Thank goodness your back! I missed you! A beautiful collection for a good start to the year.
  7. that chocolate bar packaging is gorgeous!
  8. such beautiful blues! i love this collection...
  9. Blue is my absolute favorite party. I really can't resist it. I've completely fallen for those plates and that dress. Really fantastic finds!
  10. ooh..pretty blue hue.
  11. love, love that chocolate bar packaging...
  12. I love that chocolate wrapper! I've accumulated so much packaging from chocolate and soap...I need to figure out what to do with it all.
  13. I like the shoes .. with the chocolate (:
  14. I love all the items but have to say my fave is that pale blue chair... lovely!
  15. Everything is amazing. The accent color for my living room is peacock blue, so this post hit me just right.
  16. Oh man, I must have those shoes!
  17. oh myyyy! You blog is so adorable and inspiring! I love it!!

    Cheers to you! -Julie
  18. I love blue and love those shoes. Great post!
  19. I just found your website by falling down the rabbit hole of Google Reader. LOVE it! Your style is amazing and you have fantastic ideas. Look forward to future posts!
  20. That blue plate is gorgeous and could be the making of a beautiful tablescape. I can see it now!
  21. I kind of want, no, need that chair for my house.
  22. love the armchair and the puff! So so nice and the armchair would just look so so good in my apartment. But the price is not matching my wallet so...have to be patient!
  23. Absolutely in love with your blog! You have such a good eye for design and beautiful things! Will definitely be adding you to my daily check list!
  24. totally adorb round up!
  25. your Gifted with talent Now you are proving that.
  26. you are really a great admin.
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