Bared Shoes | March 16, 2012


I rarely gush over shoes. In fact,  I'm an embarrassment to womankind in that I mostly despise shoe shopping. So it was a bit of a surprise when I happened across this pair of tan, oxford style lace-ups and realised I was completely in love.  Spotted at this gorgeous shoe shop in Armadale called "Bared".

Check out their website and/or if you're in Melbourne, pop in for a gander at their Armadale shop.

posted under: Fashion, Love at First Sight, Melbourne Chic


  1. These are SO dear, I have little oxfords in purple!
  2. I wouldn't blame you for gushing over these, they're BEAUTIFUL!! Ha ha :)
  3. Jjanga | Mar 16, 2012
    These shoes look UH-MA-ZING!

    <3 Jjanga
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  5. Wish I could pull these off!
  6. Interesting post. Thanks.
  7. I would gush too, these are gorgeous!
  8. I love oxfords... but I also love my desert boots! I'm laid back when it comes to shoes too but these are adorable!
  9. Comfortable shoes that look great! I have 3 pairs of these now. So good!!
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