Because tiles are awesome... | September 13, 2011

I know that overhead 'shoe' photos have been done many, many times before, but I couldn't resist posting these because of the gorgeous tiles!

The top image was taken by my husband Mark at "The Smile" in NYC during our honeymoon last year. I took the bottom pic a few days ago at the entrance to "Tigerlily" in Chadstone Shopping Center in Melbourne. I loved the tiles so much I wanted to take the whole floor home with me.

posted under: Found Objects, Home Décor, storytelling


  1. I love the top photo!! How cute that it was on your honeymoon!
  2. all the things i liek are apparently now 'too cliche' ahh. well these pictures are goergoues and i have such a softspot for pretty little tiles.
  3. Oh wow, those tiles are cute! I don't think I've been into Tigerlilly at Chaddy because I'm sure I would have remembered them.
  4. lovely vintage.. indeed! i definitely lov how this oldskool tiles rocks your pathway... thanks dear for sharing beautiful pic. can I share this in my page?
  5. Yes ! I love feet shots :D
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