Kinda Big News, Ok- HUGE... | June 11, 2015

So, about a month ago Mark and I, along with our dog Sukie, packed up all our belongings and moved to California!


Cos, you know, we hadn't done anything CRAZY recently and needed to fill out quota.

The whole process started about 7 months ago and it's been one giganormous rollercoaster ride ever since. The short of it is this: Mark was offered a job at Google in San Francisco!!


So, we left our extremely comfortable, happy and, let's face it, SPOILED ROTTEN existence in our hometown Melbourne, Australia and hi-tailed it all the way to the USA. The Bay Area is no joke. Property and rent prices are sky high as masses of people trying to squeeze into an already high density, tech-frenzied, fast-paced town. NOTHING here is easy. But when Google calls, you come running!! And we did. 

To say that this whole process has been a challenge is the understatement of the millenium. We've been through every headache from trying to apply for work VISAs to working out where we're going to be buy our underwear from now on. 

But I won't get into all of the craziness now, at least not yet. Let's just say that, despite the monster challenges we continue to face, this is possibly the most exciting adventure we've ever been on and totally worth the blood sweat and tears! 

Mark and I have moved into a temporary Airbnb for a couple of months in a very, very cute suburb of SF.  We're still exploring, still learning lots and still getting our bearings...

Thankfully, Jordan, of Oh Happy Day, has been an absolute godsend!! She has been so welcoming- showing us around all the awesomeness of SF, inviting us to a dinner party, helping us get settled. That's Jordan in the pic with the gorgeous flowers- I'm sure you recognise her little red Fiat! (Photo taken by Paul Ferney). I simply had to get her a gift for being so awesome (bottom left). 

Amazingly our super-anxious rescue pup Sukie has settled in extremely well. She used to be an absolute wreck when it came to any slight change of routine but she has adapted so quickly and easily to this whole new life!! Admittedly, faster than I have!!! She even had to endure a 14 hour flight in air freight and she used to be terrified of confined spaces! She was in a bit of a daze and slightly traumatized after the ordeal, but she recovered quickly! She's LOVING exploring her new backyard in our current rental and dozing in the California sunshine- when it actually bothers to make an appearance, that is. (The pic of her in the grass was perfectly captured by Mark). 

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't make a note of just how proud I am of Mark for getting this amazing job at Google. He went through a particularly gruelling interview process and successfully made it to the other side! Even more impressive is that he's been so great at navigating this whole process of moving to an entirely different country- which is no small feat! He's provided us with such a wonderful opportunity and I'm so incredibly grateful!! 

We've been living in a constant state of transition for the last 7 months. The continual uncertainty has been a huge challenge for us at times- we don't know what's going to happen next or where we'll be living (our lease runs out in a couple of weeks and we still haven't lined up our next place!!), but at the end of the day, it's all just part of this INSANE adventure. We don't know what the future will bring... but, in some strange way, that's actually part of the fun.

Finally, apologies for being away from this blog for so long. It has been an overwhelming experience and I do have a tendency to retreat when things get too much... I do, however, want to document this whole crazy ride here. So much to tell you....

Hopefully, back with more news soon!

Toodles! :)

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  1. Welcome to the Bay Area! Let me know if you want to get to know the East Bay!
  2. Taryn | Jun 11, 2015
    Congratulations!! That is amazing that Mark got a job at Google and that you've both taken such a big leap. Good luck for your new adventures, they sound like they'll be fun!
  3. Congratulations! welcome to the US :)

    It is quite a change but a good one :)
    We also have gone thru the process of relocating from Belgium to USA and it can be quite challenging coming from outside and figuring out the whole Visa, Driving license, Social Security and building credit score! (if you want to buy a car/house or even have a mobile with subscription you will need it)

    If I can help anyway sharing our experience let me know,

    My advice is if Mark has the opportunity to have Google sponsor his green card. Do that sooner rather than latter. It takes such a long time.. but afterwards no more renewing documents or queuing on immigration every time you enter the country
  4. Juana- YES. There have been MANY obstacles to this move so far. The credit history has probably been one of the biggest as it has severely delayed us getting a home loan. Thankfully, pre-approval came in today! I'm sure you have a similar story of how difficult this whole experience can be! Thanks for the tip regarding the green card.
  5. First of all - congrats and welcome!!! I'm sure it's overwhelming - but the Bay Area is beautiful and you'll get the hang of it!! (Target is the best place to buy underwear! ;) ) I hope California treats you well - can't believe the pup is already here and adjusted!!
  6. How exciting Amy! X
  7. Welcome to SF! It's a great place to call home with so many neighborhoods to explore & food try. Growing up in the bay area, I still feel like there is always something new to see! Also, it's super pup-friendly too - Duboce Park & the dog park at Corona Heights are great!
  8. Clare | Jun 12, 2015
    Oh, I still am not happy with the underwear sitch! I'm intending to stock up on bonds when we go home at Xmas.

    We made a similar jump in late 2013 - Perth to SF, with two dogs, and are living in Alamo Square now.
  9. Wow, congratulations, that is so awesome! I am getting ready to move to Hawaii from MN in 2 weeks and it made me feel much better to read that Sukie was on the plane for 14 hours and came out of it okay! We only have 6 hours for our dog (after we drive to California) which sounds like nothing next to 14! Did you give her any medication or is there anything in particular you did to make it easier on her?
  10. Hi Natalie- I completely understand how nerve-wracking it can be to think of your dog on a long flight by themselves but yes, 6 hours is not so bad. :) They can't actually medicate them because they can't monitor their blood pressure during the flight. We did, however, put one of her favourite blankets in her crate along with one of my hoodies so that she had my smell with her during the journey. We also used a very good pet moving company in Melbourne that was highly recommended by a friend and it made the whole process a lot smoother. They were very understanding of our predicament and treated Sukie like a pet and not just 'air freight'. You should definitely look into getting professional pet handlers. Hope that was helpful. Good luck with the big move!! :)
  11. O wow congratulations to you and Mark and what an awesome opportunity. Glad you could take Sukie with you too. I've missed your blog so nice to see you back :-)
  12. Nice move. Many people would love making a similar move. But they cannot. Congratulations! I know it's not easy to relocate inside you home country, what to say about changing the continents.
  13. How exciting!! I have always wanted to drag my life over to the West Coast, but it has always seemed like such an overwhelming life change. I cannot imagine coming to a new country! I am sure you will both settle into Cali life perfectly and good luck to you both.

    ps - Google??? Too cool.
  14. Wow that's amazing news. I've been following your site for a little while now and just wanted to say congratulations. Best of luck with the move - looking forward to your California content!
  15. Just wwe nted to say Hi! I am new to your blog and I have fallen in love! Thanks for a fab read my love xo
  16. Debs | Jun 25, 2015
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  18. Congratulations! I knew something must have been up with no new blog posts for so long. I kept checking back every once and a while, and today there it all was.
    That is an huge move! I went from Melbourne to Singapore 2 years ago - international moves are an enormously steep learning curve. My best wishes for getting settled in and enjoying your new surrounds.
  19. Great news! Congratulations! This is a huge move, I am so happy for u guys! I wish you all the best.. California is amazing :)

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  22. Congrats on your lovely, Google inspired trip. Please, don’t stop writing your stories!
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  25. Nadia | Jun 8, 2016
    Hi :) Wow, thats a really big thing to do - I would know. I moved from Denmark to the US, California. You are going to love CA, its the greates place on earth. Sea, mountains, green areas, national parks, the best amusements parks, In'n'Out, good weather, friendly people, great food... - I could go on forever :)
    I hope that you'll love it.
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