Bits of Happy... March 13, 2012 | March 13, 2012

Happiness today = pretty nail polish bottles in bright hues, sitting on my bathroom shelf...

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  1. I love the citrus color! What brand is that?

  2. ahhh, this picture made me feel instantly cheerier just looking at it :) and it also reminds me that it's time I had a mani ;) x
  3. I LOVE those colors!!
  4. nailpolish in pretty colors makes me happy too! i love the mint one!
  5. ooo pretty. I love polish. I'd pay big money to get the job of the person who gets to come up with the names.
  6. mmmmmm i love the yellow one ! so fresh ! so lovely :)
  7. i own Minted, one of my favorites!
  8. beautiful colors
  9. Oooh. LOVE those colors are just incredible.
  10. Hi Caitlin- I got the the citrus nail polish on sale from Witchery.
  11. I've been wearing Minted lately and gotten lots of compliments. It makes me want to try something even more green. Good picks!
  12. Ooh, love some pretty polish! Instant mood lifter.

  13. ohh I want to try mint polish!
  14. i too have minted which i wore to my sister's wedding with my coral bridesmaid dress. it's very miami vice of me.
  15. Fresh and good mood makers :-)
  16. Sweeeet! I've just bought similar colors! It's my way of welcoming the spring and making her hurry up :) viva bright colors! :)
  17. Love the three colors!!Wow!!yellow is so shine!! And the mint is so fresh!!!I love it!!
  18. lovely colors! especially love the mint one :)
  19. Such pretty perfect summery colors!
  20. nothing like pretty nailpolish to make you smile.... such sweet indulgences!
  21. Annie | Jun 13, 2012
    I've got the same Mint color! And I have a nice Pink and a fresh yellow, I'm gonna match these on my nails :3
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