Bold and Beautiful | May 27, 2011

{ 01 } 'She Believed She Could So She Did' print by Valentina Ramos from Beehive Co-op

{ 02 }  Royal Plantation Elephant Basket from Kate Spade

{ 03 } Green Green Cushion cover from Marimekko

{ 04 } Pink Circles Countess tote from Jonathan Adler

{ 05 } Allergy food flags by Allergy Riders from Lark Handmade

{ 06 } Vintage blanket hot water bottles  from My Poppet { via Frankie }

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  1. I need that mantra in my home, and that ellli basket is a must have. Beautiful finds.
  2. I love that first print - the words, the color, the design! Would love to hang it somewhere I could see it every single day.
  3. Love this happy montage! I would love to have some of these bright and happy accessories! Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day!

    xo Mary Jo
  4. the colors in this collection are so bright and fun! i would love to have that pillow on my couch and that print on my wall!
  5. I love the elephant bag! It looks so unique.
  6. Love these finds! I'm head over heels for the elephant bag, and I love that Adler tote - perfect for summer!
  7. I keep seeing the elephant bag and it's totally growing on me. I love the vintage hot water bottle holder.

    - Sarah
  8. Ooh you are so cruel! That beautiful print is from a website that doesn't do 'international shipping'??? Such taunting!!
  9. ummm ...this is adorable!
  10. PRECIOUS !!!!!!!!
    lidiana. (l)
  11. am in love with the Royal Plantation Elephant basket!
  12. I love all of these but especially the hot water bottles and those food flags! My son is coeliac - those gluten free markers are on my shopping list. What a great idea and a great find - thanks for sharing, Stephie x
  13. That elephant basket is precious!! So cute to take on a lil picnic!
  14. oooh. Love the allergy flags! Celiac child in our house. these are a great - good looking product!
  15. You always have the most beautiful things on your site. Love visiting :)
  16. that elephant basket is like, spectacular! love him!
  17. I like the elephant basket. Could it be possible that I could use that giveaways for my wedding? :D
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