Brevity Jewellery: Horo Necklaces | January 20, 2010

An oh-so-stunning set of 24k gold-plated 'horo' necklaces based on clockhands. Brevity jewellery designed by Anna Corpron. Love the added detail of the little gear charm. I'll take them all, thanks!

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  1. those are absolutely gorgeous. the little gear detail on the chain definitely caught my eye as well. I kind of wish she made smaller versions for earrings. that would be cute!
  2. Gorgeous. There's so much I like about them -- not only are they beautiful but they really make a statement.
  3. Brenda | Jan 22, 2010
    Looks dangerous! I couldn't wear them because I am likely to bend over to pick up a child and jab them in the eye or puncture my own stomach.
  4. Love how light and delicate these look. And love your blog you always feature such pretty things!
  5. Good clock
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