Buttons Print by Eva Juliet | December 21, 2009

Isn't this print gorgeous? Available on Etsy by Eva Juliet. Via simple blueprint

posted under: Home Décor, Illustration


  1. Ahh it is so delicate! lovely! Merry Christmas to you :)
  2. Ooh, that's so nice!
  3. I love love love buttons! I saw a button glazed bowl once, so cool! Thanks for the tip, off to Etsy to check it out...
  4. Such a sweet print. How could we ever decorate our walls without the talent on Etsy!
  5. Oooh yes... i made the cookies that were inspired by her I think. Good times :)


  6. good
  7. I like the way you capture these beautiful moments and then create them in art.Try to add more colors in it. I suggest you to keep up the good work in it and also become professional.
  8. I am really impressed by your passion because you follow your interest and doing great work in this field. I suggest you to help others as well.
  9. I try to do things same like you because I also have interest in the field of art and I like to have animals as well.
  10. I like to have dogs in my house which is really good thing for me.
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