Calourette | June 07, 2012

You may think you can eat this jewellery.... but don't.

From Calourette.

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  1. Can I at least smell them? ;o) x Them look so realistic!! Amazing x
  2. They do look appetising...
    Ronnie xo
  3. reading this post right before i go to bed. it seems fitting to end the day checking out these necklaces after I have visited three different donut shops this morning. Doesn't everybody donut shop hop?
  4. eek eek eek! so very cuuuuute. :)
  5. I'll take a dozen, please!
  6. How will I ever tell my breakfast from my jewelry?!
  7. Awww, those are so precious!
  8. Wow ! They are just amazingly beautiful. I just love them ! <3
  9. Those are too cute!
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  12. I just ordered the chocolate one with the sprinkles... I love donuts and I love this necklace.... I will write a post about my new treasure once I have it...
  13. Lol. It's all very cool
  14. How cute are they!
  15. I like it !!!!!
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  20. These are like the perfect pendants for a foodie like me, specially when you love donuts! A lot of my friends are dissertations writers uk and they too are like me. I sure will get these pendants for me and for them.
  21. So cute, I like it!
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