Ceramics by Mel Robson | April 20, 2010

I just adore these pieces by ceramic artist Mel Robson. VIew more of her beautiful artwork on her blog.

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  1. love these!!
  2. Oh so lovely!!!:)))

    PS. I'm in Love with your girly cute banner;)
  3. oh wow, these pieces are just absolutely stunning! i could totally see these being used for a photo shoot to add some nice color or a dinner party!
  4. Does it get any CUTER than those ceramics?! LOVE your blog, by the way!! The new look is so cute!
    xoxox Holly
  5. Oh dear...Instant love!!
  6. these are fantastic -- they totally look disposable at first glance!
  7. Miss Wynter | Apr 24, 2010
    Please tell me you can purchase them somewhere? Ive looked all over the net (hmm, should just email her right?)
  8. I saw these on Design Sponge they are amazing. Oh to have all the money in the world. Maybe this is something that could be DIYd
  9. Love these so much I had to blog about them too (here: http://wp.me/plcXL-z3)! So beautiful!
  10. Stunning! Beautiful!
  11. Nice post , I love them all!
  12. hello, I'd like to know if I can still purchase the white floral utensils on the top of the following page link. Please advise.

    thank you so much!!!!


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