Cheeky Monkey | July 17, 2013

Our oddball rescue, Sukie, is a wee bit of an anxious pup (You may recall the Magic Carpet Ride incident).  Because of this fact, life is never boring with Sukie around. There's always a new quirk to challenge us and keep us endlessly entertained. 

So, here's the latest one...

Sukie is primarily an inside dog. When Mark and I go out, Sukie stays inside. Initially we tried leaving her in the backyard but she disliked it so much that she began associating the backyard with 'bad things' and refused to go out there at all, even just for a play. So, we relented. Sukie got her way and stays inside. For a long time, she seemed quite content with this arrangement. 

Recently, however, she's become a lot more comfortable around us and has started to push her boundaries. Even though she's happier inside, she doesn't like the fact that we leave at all. So, she developed a cheeky little scheme to keep us home. As soon as she spots our usual 'going out' habits like putting on our shoes or coats, she will ask to be let outside. She will then mysteriously disappear from view and despite our calls, will not come back into the house. We will then discover her hiding, guiltily, amongst the bushes; unwilling to move an inch. She knows that we won't leave until we get her inside!

It would be easy to get frustrated at this behaviour, but it's just so gosh-darn cute! 

The first, most obvious, tactic was to pretend there was a visitor and ring the doorbell so that she would come bounding inside to greet them. This worked a treat for awhile but now she's cottoned on to our plan and won't budge for ANYTHING!

A couple of Sundays ago, in a last ditch effort, Mark decided to grab our adorable 36kg 'scaredy-cat' from under the bushes and carry her in!

I was thrilled that I was able to grab a happy snap of this ridiculous sight! Mark, however, was not so impressed...

Ahh... the things we do for our dogs.

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  1. Sukie is just precious! I'm usually more of a cat person, but she is just so cute and lovely I've changed my mind for this post haha x
  2. Omg this is hilarious! The shot of her hiding in the bushes is priceless :-)
  3. Cool photo!!! I like your dog. Nice!!!
  4. Sukie is so so cute!! and love the last aventure! we have our Olivia, she is 100% inside dog and she also hates when we leave...
  5. totally adorable :)
  6. charlene | Jul 18, 2013
    So cute! I had also a lovely dog (a Golden retriever) very often afraid of many things which made me smile! They are our best friends :-)
  7. Oh my, look at those eyes in the first pic! Our Snowy weighs about 34kg but she is definitely an outside dog!
  8. What a sweetheart!
  9. Cris | Jul 20, 2013
    Oh my goodness, this has me laughing! What a sneaky pup you've got there, lol. Sukie is precious though and her odd behaviour is too cute <3
  10. Trop mimi, et ses yeux expressifs...adorable !!
  11. lemondedis | Aug 21, 2013
    lol !... what a cutie !
  12. love dogs !
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  15. ....forget to wish a good luck to your doggy! Enjoy every day of your life!
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