Clowns & Tea Towels | September 06, 2010

Top: This illustration by Amy Borrell makes me smile.

Bottom: Lovely organic cotton tea towels by Katherine J Lee. { via Mint Parcel }

posted under: Home Décor, Illustration, Kitchenware


  1. I love these clowns. I was just on vacation in Myrtle Beach and there were clowns on stilts walking around the bay. It was incredible. These are adorable. They make me smile too :)
  2. Both images made me smile today...I do love pretty linen especially organic cotton...xoxo
  3. so lovely to find your blog via wit + delight. clowns are usually not something i go for, but these could change my mind -- and those tea towels are darling.
  4. love the tea towels. they're so bright and simple!
  5. These are the coolest towels! They're so simple and colorful. Your blog always makes me wish I was older and had my own apartment. I want to own all the things you post!
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