Collected | February 10, 2012

I have a particular weakness for homewares...such as, colourful bowls and interesting glassware. Shown above are the current state of my collections in the aforementioned areas. Not shown above are my vast collections of teapots, teacups, bottles and jars.

There are only two things I know for certain in this life- Firstly, that all these collections will continue to grow at an alarming rate, despite having run out of excuses for why such growth is necessary. Secondly, that I have absolutely no willpower whatsoever.

{ photos by Amy Moss }

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  1. each piece you have is beautiful! and together they make such a lovely, friendly collection. where are some of your favorite places to find your colorful bowls?
  2. Both of these photographs are absolutely stunning *__* I love collecting and seeing other people's collections as well, so I love this post! :D
  3. I know how you feel! I also love homeware and I have no place for it!
  4. these pictures are very charming ... i love the mix of design :)
  5. What a cute collection! I have the same problem with stuffed toys I think, they multiply by the day. Ha ha :)
  6. i JUST said yesterday that I should start collecting bowls. there are so many beautiful ones! yours are great :)
  7. I love, love, love these. Full of colour and interest!
  8. Glorious collections! I'm head over heels in love with that green glass. I always think I'm saving little unwanted crockery and glasses, that way I feel justified every time I buy one. After all it's a GOOD DEED!
  9. I have the same weakness. I think my roomie is about to start throwing some away;)
  10. I love this! The drinking glasses are so cute and I want that yellow carafe! :)
  11. I feel the same way. The variety of homewares out there seems endless which makes it so fun when you find something new!
  12. patty | Feb 11, 2012
    a have a few too...
    cute stuff at anthropologie!
  13. adorable pieces
  14. Keely w | Feb 11, 2012
    I love your bowls! Also, don't worry. I have many many teacups and teapots. Though I'm still looking for a tiny white elephant teacup. then my collection will be complete.:D
  15. What inspiration! I actually have a few of the bowls and glasses shown here in my cupboard of lovely mismatched kitchenware. I've always loved each piece individually, but I've never thought of them as a collection until seeing this post. Now I wont shy away from adding a new mismatched item ever again!
  16. They are so beautiful and so delicious and so simple.
  17. i hope it will be okay to link your valentinesprojekt on my blog.
    yesterday i wrote a valentine special with cute projects from great blogs on and u are a part of it!

    kisses from germany
  18. Lack of willpower definitely has its upside! This is a fabulous collection!
  19. karina | Feb 12, 2012
    I love the floral ones! Where did you get them?
  20. I'm the same. Actually give me homewares over fashion any day. My problem I am running out of storage space.
  21. lovely collections...especially the glassware, i love coloured glassware.

    have a lovely weekend
  22. So lovely<3
  23. lol, im seriously addicted to anthro's homewares. every time i go in there that owl cookie jar seems like it's winking right at me
  24. i collect glasses and lamp s hat! ( i love those of Anthropologie)
  25. These are so sweet! I'm constantly looking for dishes like these for food photo shots.
  26. Ah! They are all so pretty! I have the same problem, especially with mugs and things I never use, like pitchers, or tea cups.
  27. love your bowls and glasses! i could buy those things all the time, they just laugh at me down from the shelves! i am also living next to the biggest flea market in Europe, that doesnt make it easier to whithstand my 'home ware addiction' !
  28. I have the same problem, whenever I go to Homegoods I have to reeaaally hold myself back from buying their beautiful glassware. Sometimes they have gian and oddly shaped glass bottles and those are the most difficult to walk away from.
  29. Stunning collection and beautifully photographed, like something off an Anthropologie website!
  30. i am also living next to the biggest flea market in Europe, that doesnt make it easier to whithstand my 'home ware addiction' !
  31. I was just out viewing blogs and came across yours. i should say i really love the collections u showed us in ur submission a lot. beautiful!
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