Collecting Rainbows... | April 11, 2013

As a three year Anniversary gift from Mark's parents we received a beautiful new bed! It's perfect- super comfy and not at all conducive to early risings.

Our bedroom, presently very bare and bathed in an over-abundance of white, was screaming for just a little something to fill the void. So I draped a string of colourful lights over my bedside ladder shelf. It's just added that little bit of warmth and fun. I think it's a cute temporary solution!

Speaking of colours... whilst out and about recently I just had to take a happy snap when I was confronted with the unexpected sight of a beautiful rainbow of balloons at the entrance to a car wash. There really should be more of these around.

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  1. Three years! Already! Oh my goodness, that has flown by.
    And those lights are just too cute.
  2. SO stunning! Love the balloon rainbow! I want one!
  3. serena | Apr 12, 2013
    oh lovely
  4. Those are cute lights!
  5. Super nice atmosphere. i like it.
    the light and the colors are beautiful.
  6. Love the lighting, so adorable!
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