Colour and Sparkle | July 31, 2013

Here's a mid-week dose of colour and sparkle for you. Festive items that will brighten up your homes, your parties and your pretty selves! 

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four | five | six | seven | eight

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  1. Ew lala I love those pillows and journals! The colors are so lovely!
  2. That peeping tom clutch made me smile - too cute!
  3. A splash of color on Wednesday is always a great thing!
  4. Love these products! I want that peeping tom clutch!
  5. Love the products, too
  6. I love the number 4...I think it easy to do with a gold pen...I will try to remember it!
  7. I love everything here..can't even pick a favorite--just in love with it all!
  8. I absolutely adore the 'Peeping Tom' clutch - want!
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