Colourful Party Details | March 24, 2010

Here's a sneak preview of some objects collected for my upcoming Engagement Party on Sunday. They all fit perfectly with the vibrant and festive colour palette that has emerged. It's all coming together bit by bit...

I am totally smitten with this colourful Harlekin Ribbon from Maileg. I discovered it at Scarlet Jones and instantly knew I had to have it! The lanterns are also from Scarlet Jones and the wood pencils were found at Oxfam.

Just a quick note to let you know that updates to Eat Drink Chic will be on hold until the middle of next week as the mad dash to the party continues. Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to posting pics of the day! :)

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  1. Cute! So springy and bright.
  2. Congrats Amy - have a fab party!
    Love the snippets! Cant wait to see how it all comes together x
  3. I loooooove these! Especially the Harlequin print :)
  4. Wow, it looks like your engagement party will be a colourful and bubbly affair! I can't wait to see your photos!
  5. CONGRATS on your engagement! And I'm sure your party will be fab fab fab! Have fun!
  6. how wonderful. congrats!!!
  7. Love this sneak peek!! can´t wait to see the rest of it!! I wish the best :)
  8. that ribbon looks so pretty against all the wood!
  9. Best of luck getting all the finishing touches on the engagement party. These are wonderful and I can't wait to see photos.
  10. Hi there, hope you feeling better. I just discovered your blog via cool hunter. Love it! Keep up the good work ;) I miss Aussie! Love from Singapore.
  11. Have a wonderful party Amy! Can't wait to hear all about it!
  12. Dors | Mar 26, 2010
    Beautiful colours!! Similar to your pictures relating to the gorgeous Royal Mail Hotel....have a fantastic engagement celebration!!
  13. Nicki | Mar 29, 2010
    Best wishes for a fab party Amy. In love with those flowers, but also totally envious of the divine table! Is it cheeky to ask where it came from???!!! Nicki
  14. Glad you love the lanterns and ribbons. Those lanterns are the closest I have seen to vintage ones. I love them myself.
    I am sure your party will look amazing.
    I have changed my blog address to if you want to see the latest stuff in the shop. Thanks for putting your buys on your blog.
  15. Thanks for stopping by Lynn! I've updated the link with Scarlet Jones's new web address.
  16. Nicki- I'm soooo in love with that table! I have to resist the urge to take all my photos on that beautiful surface! The table was from Supply and Demand.
  17. Oh the wood pencils are just AMAZING!
  18. ooh...i like the wood grain background! very fun colors. can't wait to see pics from your e-party!
  19. I *love* Maileg! First saw their trade booth in Atlanta, and fell in love with the matchbox mouse-lings. Found you thru the feature on 100 Layer Cake - your wedding looked just beautiful. Will visit again!
  20. tt | Apr 21, 2010
    hi all

    does anyone know where i can get those cool
    wooden pencils?? looked at Oxfam- doesnt seem to be
    the correct link...

    help =D
  21. This paper lantern is fabulous
  22. Nice post with inspired design
    Great useful
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