Craft & Colours | August 25, 2010

Some crafty bits that are inspiring me at the moment:

Top: During my lunch breaks, recently, I've been re-watching old episodes of Friends and have noticed a cute granny square pillow in Monica's apartment. Inspired, I went searching for something similar on the net and found this pic of a handmade pillow by Tracey Jeffrey. Cute!

Bottom: Steffani K of Sew with Sass was rummaging through her mother's fabric stash and happened across a box of authentic vintage Liberty of London fabrics! What a beautiful array of colours and patterns.

posted under: Craft, Vintage Style


  1. I love that people! And sometimes I also love re-watching Friends, never get tired of it!
  2. I meant cushion, dont know what I was thinking about...
  3. What a great find! I was just recently in fabric shop and I couldn't breathe from excitement! :)
  4. Love all the different patterns and colors.
  5. So beautiful! And: I want this box. ;)
  6. I love the cushion too! Have a look at this page on ravelry, it links to the pattern
  7. oh my gosh! I would scream if I found any Liberty of London fabrics - more so if they were vintage! What a lucky girl and what a wonderful mama!!
  8. I'm also forever noticing crochet items in TV shows. Betty's dad (Ugly Betty) has a lovely big granny square afghan, and in The Middle they have two croched afghans on their couch. I'm actually relieved to see I'm not the only one that notices (dare I say "focus on") the decor in TV shows :)
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