Crazy for Vintage Printers Blocks | October 09, 2009

Love these fun, home made printers block stamps by The Upcycler.

Wooden thread bobbin handles- how inspired!! Check out the article here. Such a great DIY idea!

Also love these Toothbrush Holders found at Baileys Home and Garden (via Follow Studio)

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  1. I seriously need the toothbrush holder - I am in love!
  2. I love the toothbrush holders!
  3. I have now read all your entries and I love love love love love your creativity.
  4. These are so wonderful! I love anything vintage and anything upcycled! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Oh my! How lovely!! I should saunter down to the flea market this weekend and pick some up!
  6. Nice to share Thanks for sharing
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