Crystal Bulb Pendant Lights | September 07, 2012

How STUNNING are these crystal bulb pendants?!  From Lee Broom.

{ via The Cool Hunter on Pinterest }


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  1. I love these lights by Lee as well and think they would look fantastic over a stairway.
  2. Pretty!
  3. They look very pretty.
  4. Lovely!!
  5. These light bulbs are amazzzzing!
  6. I love these lights !
  7. Incredibly stunning!
  8. Simple and sweet! Love these lights!

  9. gorgeous lights! I wonder if they can be DIY
  10. gorgeous lights! I wonder if they can be DIY
  11. *-*
    I love it !
  12. Quite stunning!
  13. Those are gorgeous!
  14. I absolutely love these! They would of been perfect for a photo shoot I styled last week!
  15. Looks very ethereal. Crystals will never go out of style. These are absolutely stunning!

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  16. Oooh just lovely!!!
  17. These crystal bulbs would look absolutely amazing in my verenda. I have to do my custom essays writing right now but after I do that, I will be buying these bulbs.
  18. Great work I love to see Thanks Admin
  19. this is very awesome.
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  27. I love these Bulbs ideas
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