Cushion Love | November 05, 2012

I have a wee bit of a cushion obsession. I can't stop collecting them. To me they're like small, affordable works of art.

Currently, I'm loving these bright collections...

TOP: Papercraft cushions from Beneath the Sun

BOTTOM: Japanese cushions from OYOY

{ photos from their respective websites)

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  1. I've got the same obsession but mine goes further...I'm also crazy about duvet covers! I really love the polka dot one on the bottom picture. Where does it come from?
  2. beautiful work by both!
  3. Love them all. Just yesterday I changed the covers for a new look in my home too.
  4. I really like the second pic.
  5. I share your obsession, anywhere I see a pretty cushion, I just have to buy it! Very pretty pieces you shared with us :)
  6. Hi Gaëlle- the duvet covers are also from OYOY. You can see them here:
  7. wow wow wow! I love the second one in the first picture!
    lovely collections, tx u for sharing!


  8. Ummm... don't blame you! Love the first ones so much - they're like comfy little paintings you can relax on!
  9. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing - i love the cushion's messy palette mash-ups :)
  10. Also obsessed--- check out etsy for unique/CHEAP ones!

  11. Very nice great!
  12. Hi, im Debby from Jakarta, Indonesia. I love your website. So inspiratif and creatif.
  13. I love the bed on the second picture...!
  14. Alexandra | Nov 13, 2012
    Your floorboards look amazing!
  15. AH!

    The floorboards.. so great!!!

    Lovely greetings from Germany
  16. yes, I know that thing about cushions, I think there's never enough of them.
    I'm so in love with the last photo, that floor and linen are amazing*
  17. Hi! I have had so many folk on my site today thanks to your awesome post on my cushions. I feel pretty lucky to be near that next shot from OYOY because that is a bit of a dream room for me. THANK YOU!
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  28. Such beautiful photos!
    Wow, every detail is absolute perfection! Love it! Thanks for sharing with us...
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