Cute and Moody Characters | October 01, 2009

Decorate your home with these moody little items:

TOP: 'We Are Not Two We Are One' Poster by Christopher Bettig // theMountainLabel

BOTTOM:  Moody Toast Pillow (back and front shown) by Wonder Thunder



The Cool Hunter- a site that I've been a fan of for years- has done a little write up about me and my blog! Check it out!

Also, I know it's been awhile since I've provided any new DIY Projects and Freebies- Apologies! Life has been a little hectic- add to this a nasty cold that I can't seem to shake. Just letting you know that I am currently working on some new stuff that I will hopefully be able to share with you soon! Thanks for your patience.


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  1. oh, nice work! I am also a big fan of the coolhunter. Yeah Australia!
  2. WELL DONE!! the cool hunter is not minor league! :) I just had a quick look on your blog today and I love it. Very, very chic! I'm from Vienna and i just think what you do is awesome. Also, I predict the people of Korea (where I live right now) will come to covet your blog & style, as well, soon (after i'm done spreading the word for you ;)).
  3. love that print! and congrats on the cool hunter mention, that's a big deal!
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