Cute Angles | September 30, 2011

It occurs to me that someone, somewhere must have made this pun before, right? I mean, how could they not have?

ONE: Chestnut Paper Origami Lamp Shade from Nellianna

TWO: Origami Cosmetic Case from Forever New

THREE:  Flying Geese fabric by Sara Lee Parker

posted under: Craft, Fashion, Gift Ideas, Home Décor


  1. Lovely! The bag is sweet. The fabrics too are really cute. Love your blog :-)


  2. a wonderful combination of yummy colors and great designs.
  3. I am loving that bag! So chic! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
  4. Cute post! Have a great weekend!
  5. Love the fabric! A happy weekend to you, Stephie x
  6. I absolutely love your blog! I just can't get enough of it! Love the fabric! Thanks so much!
  7. That yellow lamp is so cute, it'd be nice to have in my niece's room which is painted in a pale yellow. c:
  8. wow, that fabric is beautiful!
  9. love these! and love the colors!!
  10. Such fresh colors! Love them all! -Steph
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