Cute Finds... June 22, 2011 | June 22, 2011

TOP: DIY bride and groom egg shell planters by Sibylle from Funkytime

BOTTOM: Handpainted vintage berry baskets from Olive Someday

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  1. how sweet!
  2. those berry baskets are fantastic!
  3. Hello Amy ! Thank you so much, I am happy you like my little wedding couple! I looove your art, but you already know that!! Have a great day!
  4. This is adorable!
  5. me an idea about painting my own (even if not berry) baskets. These are adorable!
  6. Haha the egg cuts crack me up (no pun intended hehe)

    - Sarah
  7. Those little egg shell planters are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing, Stephie x
  8. super super cute berry baskets! love the bright colors.
  9. The colors of the vintage berry baskets are so cute! :)
  10. I thought I'd seen all the wedding related mustaches and garlands, but those eggs are beyond cute! I love the colored berry baskets, what sweet finds!
  11. Love these baskets - delicious colours..!


  12. Those egg shells are adorable. So using that idea for a brunch at each place setting with herbs sticking out the top, and my guests names on them. Just perfect.
  13. Beyond adorable, as always. ^_^ I especially love baskets and am always decorating with them. My nickname is "Basket Case". lol

    I just wanted to let you know that I linked to you in my post today.

  14. Those Mr. and Mrs. eggcups are absolutely adorable, it's tickling me...
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