Cute Finds...May 16, 2011 | May 16, 2011

Confetti Programs by Martha Stewart... Cute dresses from Dear Creatures Spring 2011... Gorgeous fabric tapes from Love My Tapes... Pastel Ice-cream cups from Sur la table { via Love from the Oven }...  Cute pic of paint dipped pencils by Tokketok- Photography by Lisa Warninger and Styling by Chelsea Fuss { via Simplesong } ... British Baking book by Peyton & Byrne from Amazon...

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  1. I totally love that Peyton & Byrne British Baking book cover!
  2. Fabulous finds!! I LOVE the pastel ice cream cups! Just makes me smile! Hope you have a fantastic day!

    Pei Li
  3. cute! Love all of them! :D
  4. Oh I love the pencils! Aaand the confetti! Very cute :)
  5. I love the confetti programs. Such an adorable idea.
  6. I love the gingham tape! So many uses, so little time:) Great collection!
  7. The confetti programs are fabulous! They would be the perfect addition to any celebration!
  8. I have blogged about some of these things before too! I love love love those ice cream cups and confetti invites!
  9. Those dresses are adorable!
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  10. Plum Pretty Sugar | May 17, 2011
    Loving all the colors!! Very cute dresses!!!

  11. The ice cream in a cup looks delicious!!! Going for some now haha! :)

    Belly B
  12. Oh I love the pencils and the confetti! Such gorgeous colors!
  13. I love the two dresses !!
  14. I love those adorable ice cream cups!!!
  15. i love all these. great finds!
  16. Those colours are making me crave summer! Peach for the win! Love the two dresses x
  17. Those icecream cups are so sweet! Stephie x
  18. I would buy that cookbook just to stare at the lovely cover!
  19. Merci. I ? The Confetti, great idea!
  20. The confetti programs are so cute. Love the idea!
  22. First off, congratulations on this blog. This is really awesome. Great blogs that we can sink our teeth into and really go to work.
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