Cute Finds...May 16, 2011 | May 16, 2011

Confetti Programs by Martha Stewart... Cute dresses from Dear Creatures Spring 2011... Gorgeous fabric tapes from Love My Tapes... Pastel Ice-cream cups from Sur la table { via Love from the Oven }...  Cute pic of paint dipped pencils by Tokketok- Photography by Lisa Warninger and Styling by Chelsea Fuss { via Simplesong } ... British Baking book by Peyton & Byrne from Amazon...

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  1. I totally love that Peyton & Byrne British Baking book cover!
  2. Fabulous finds!! I LOVE the pastel ice cream cups! Just makes me smile! Hope you have a fantastic day!

    Pei Li
  3. cute! Love all of them! :D
  4. Oh I love the pencils! Aaand the confetti! Very cute :)
  5. I love the confetti programs. Such an adorable idea.
  6. I love the gingham tape! So many uses, so little time:) Great collection!
  7. The confetti programs are fabulous! They would be the perfect addition to any celebration!
  8. I have blogged about some of these things before too! I love love love those ice cream cups and confetti invites!
  9. Those dresses are adorable!
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  10. Plum Pretty Sugar | May 17, 2011
    Loving all the colors!! Very cute dresses!!!

  11. The ice cream in a cup looks delicious!!! Going for some now haha! :)

    Belly B
  12. Oh I love the pencils and the confetti! Such gorgeous colors!
  13. I love the two dresses !!
  14. I love those adorable ice cream cups!!!
  15. i love all these. great finds!
  16. Those colours are making me crave summer! Peach for the win! Love the two dresses x
  17. Those icecream cups are so sweet! Stephie x
  18. I would buy that cookbook just to stare at the lovely cover!
  19. Merci. I ? The Confetti, great idea!
  20. The confetti programs are so cute. Love the idea!
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