DIY Bachelorette Party Favour Box. Free Designs! | June 26, 2009

Bachelorette Party Favour Box

Bachelorette Party Favour BoxA Lovely Bunch of Flowers

Wouldn't it be nice, as a token of thanks at your pre-wedding Bachelorette Party, to send the girls off with a lovely bunch of flowers? This favour box contains a do-it-yourself Origami Kusudama Flower kit so that the girls not only get a beautiful bunch of flowers but they also get the pleasure of making it for themselves.





Bachelorette Party Favour Box


Each box contains an example origami flower, instructions and a set of coloured origami squares.

Bachelorette Party Favour Box

(front of bachelorette box)



Scallop scissors or cutter

I've used the Christina Re "Chloe" scissors.

Scalpel or Guillotine

If you do a lot of paper crafts a scalpel is essential, however, I've found a guillotine to be a great investment to speed up the less complicated cutting tasks.

Coloured Stock

I've used textured card stock for the labels (around 140 gsm) as it adds more visual interest than ordinary, smooth 80 gsm paper. However, I've used a thinner stock for the Kusudama flowers as I've found that the petals have difficulty sticking together on thicker stock. For the instructions, you could opt for paper or card depending on your preference.

Double sided tape or glue

I generally prefer to use double-sided tape for my paper projects for pure convenience and ease of use but I've found that some of the flowers started falling apart after awhile. You may need to use a strong glue to make sure they will stay together. Double-sided tape works perfectly finel for the labels.

Black and White Printer

You will only need a Black and White inkjet or laser printer for this project.

Black Gift Boxes (75mm cubes)

I bought my boxes from Rock Paper Scissors in Armadale, Melbourne. It's a fantastic resource for paper craft projects! However, if you live elsewhere you will need to track down boxes of a similar dimension at craft stores. While googling I found Jam Paper stocks boxes that are slightly bigger (100mm cubes). These would be adequate but you may have to adjust the size of your origami squares accordingly. The instructions are a certain size so that they fit neatly inside the box when folded twice and the labels are a fixed size so I would recommend that you don't get a box that is smaller than 75mm cubed.


Bachelorette Party Favour Box

(back of bachelorette box)



Download the following free templates to start making your kit and then follow the instructions below.


Bachelorette Party Favour Box


Step One

Print out the label designs onto coloured stock of your choice and using your scallop scissors, cut a reverse scallop on the inside of the solid line all the way around the designs. Stick the corresponding labels onto the back and front of box using double-sided tape.

Step Two

Print out the instructions onto coloured stock of same colour as above. Use scalpel or guillotine to cut along the solid lines. The instructions need to be folded twice to fit into the box. If you're using a card stock, make sure you score it first.

Bachelorette Party Favour Box

Step Three

Print out the template origami squares on same coloured paper. (The labels, instructions and example flower should all be matching in colour). Better to use a thinner stock for this. Use scalpel or guillotine to cut these out. If you wish, rather than use the template you can simply measure the squares on your own. They are 70mm x 70mm to fit inside this 75mm box. However, if your box is larger, you can adjust accordingly.

Step Four

Using the instructions, construct your example origami flower.

Origami Kusudama Flower Instructions

Step Five

Print out more coloured squares on assorted coloured paper and cut out. You can fill the box with as much paper as you would like. Remember, each flower requires 5 coloured squares.

Step Six

Fill your box with the coloured squares, the folded instructions and the example flower on top. And you're done!

Bachelorette Party Favour Box


The design of the labels offers great colour versatility allowing you to tailor it to the colour scheme of your party. Options include using a uniform colour across all boxes or you could experiment with a rainbow of  bold and bright colours or soft pastels. You could even just stick to two or three colours that will complement each other.  In particular I've found that yellow is a very striking colour to use as it provides great contrast with the black.

Have fun!

(all photos by amy moss)

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  2. How cool is this! Linked to it after I saw the flower on tinkshui. Can't wait to do this and show it on my blog.
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  4. Maya | Aug 7, 2013
    This is so neat :-) It'd be great for the Sunday morning 'creative' element to my future sis-in-law's bachelorette party (In the UK, we call it a "Hen Do"!).
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